2020 President. Will it be a Business Child or Worse a Woman?

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President Donald Trump’s glorious rise from the business world to the decorative Oval Office as The Political Outsider has many believe the same can occur in 2020.Most of America voted affirmative when asked about the potential of choosing a good President from the Business World.

Some even stated ‘If an actor could do it why not a businessman’. President Trump waved the flag of his business success as a banner to gain support. US believed his words because he had hard financial Figures behind him.

So is it going to be the same in 2020?

Following the Trump rule a number of businessmen have been known to want a go at the Oval Office. The most notable being:

  • Howard Schultz Former Starbucks CEO, said “I am seriously thinking of running for president”
  • Bill Gates Microsoft cofounder is a top pick with 30.5% people cheering for him
  • Obviously Oprah Winfrey with 15.7 % support
  • Michael Bloomberg 10.5 %
  • Elon Musk 10.2 %
  • Mark Cuban 9.7 %.

So will it happen? That is difficult to say. No one but Trump believed and now he is President Trump Business background and Mind-set has Helped President Trump in his time I the Office.

So maybe America will chose a New Business man Be President. Or maybe Trump will Triumph and Trump his opposition.

Yet many Americans especially President Trump’s critics will say why not Hilary. But we all know she is done for.Mrs Clinton lost and if you be frank, she may never contest for the Oval office again. AA shame.But we still have Michelle. Maybe some Feminism will rise after all. Let’s wait for 2020.

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