96 Percent Indians are at risk while using Public WiFi


96 Percent Indians are at risk: Public WiFi is most useful one and sometimes it led to risk fact. In India, most of the peoples access public WiFi like Malls, Companies, personal, etc. But they don’t have any knowledge about the risk that hidden in that usage. 96% of Indians using public Wi-Fi for checking bank accounts, sharing photos and videos- A report by Symantec said. According to the report “Norton Wi-Fi Risk Report 2017” taken by Symantec, users cannot use the secure Wi-Fi, and they gave all their information while using the free WiFi. It let them be at risk.

96 Percent Indians are at risk

Based on the report, 73 percent of Indians using the Free WiFi for their important works like sending emails, shared images. The percentage of peoples using the WiFi at risk are watching a three minute advertisement (35 per cent), access WiFi for sending personal emails (19 per cent), personal photographs (22 per cent), online dating profiles (16 per cent), contact lists (19 per cent) and giving permission to access and even edit personal social media profiles (19 per cent).

Report Taken By Symantec:

“There is a deep divide between what people think is safe when it comes to using public Wi-Fi versus the reality,” said Ritesh Chopra, Country Manager, Consumer Business Unit, Symantec, in a statement. “What someone thinks are private on their device can easily be accessed by cyber criminals through unsecured Wi-Fi Networks or even apps with privacy vulnerabilities,” he added.

The survey was conducted in 15 countries including more than 15,000 consumers, almost half of the Indian users (48 percent) use the WiFi without Network Owner’s permission. 44 percent peoples use the WiFi at work, and 49 percent are at hotels.

The report also ensures security over the web which includes using Virtual Private Network (VPN) and looking for ‘HTTPS’ (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) in the internet addresses while visiting a website.

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