Appsumo Deal: FunnelDash Review

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FunnelDash Review : Getting clients for any company has become hard now. To make it easy and to find higher value clients here comes FunnelDash, which Build a money-making FB Ad agency, even if you’re not an expert. It helps in the ultimate growth of the company or agency with this software.

FunnelDash involves four important features which are very essential for small and big companies. It captures more Leads very faster, then it converts Leads into Clients, then Qualifies the Leads instantly and helps in keeping the clients for a longer time.

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FunnelDash Review

Get Leads Quickly

FunnelDash helps in Capture leads quickly with our Facebook Messenger growth tools to trigger highly engaged conversations with your prospects. You will not miss any messages as the Facebook Messenger has Pop-Ups.

Convert Leads Into High-Value Clients

FunnelDash helps in converting Leads into High-value clients when you start to Upgrade your free strategy sessions into data-driven Facebook Ad Audit Consultations. It will create Dynamic Facebook Ad Audit.

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Qualify Leads Instantly

FunnelDash Delivers dynamic lead magnets with our 1 click instant Facebook Ad audits and qualify your leads based on their own ad spend right inside Messenger. It helps to Stay top-of-mind and get a better open and click-through rate by using Messenger to stay in contact with your potential and current clients. It tracks how much your clients are worth to you over their lifetime with you.

 Keep Clients Longer

FunnelDash Proves your value month after month by showing your clients the data that matters to their bottom lines. With this clients will be longer in touch with us so that we can develop our business and earn more money through it. It annotates ad data for weekly client meetings.


  •  FunnelDash is better than other messenger tools when it comes to reporting because it integrates directly with FB Ads and allows you to trigger FB conversion events as leads go through your funnel.
  •  It’s also the only tool that allows one-click instant access to prospective clients’ ad accounts – and to qualify leads based upon ad spend.
  •  And FunnelDash is more than just an enterprise-level tool that will make you look like you know what you’re doing; it will actually educate you about FB Ads.

FunnelDash Lifetime Deal

⚡️ 5,000 Messenger Contacts
⚡️ 5 Facebook Pages & Ad Accounts
⚡️ 1 Messenger Funnels
⚡️ 5 Facebook Ad Audit Dashboards
⚡️ 1 Weekly Facebook Ad & Messenger Agency Coaching Call
⚡️ Agency Growth Quick Start Course
⚡️ Messenger Contacts Sync With Facebook Custom Audiences
⚡️ Messenger List Building Tools For Your Website (Pop Ups, Slides In, Welcome Gates, Exit Pops, etc)
⚡️ Messenger Funnel Triggers: QR Codes, Landing Pages, Embeddable Buttons & Direct Links
⚡️ Drag n Drop Facebook Ad Audit Dashboard Builder
⚡️ White-label FB Ad Audit Client Presentation Mode
⚡️ Client KPIs & Goals Tracking for Weekly Client Reports
⚡️ 1 Click Ads Audit Request Landing Page
⚡️ Template Messenger Funnels & Ads for Client Campaigns

About FunnelDash

FunnelDash Get clients like clockwork using Messenger Ads & Messenger Funnels. Convert leads into high-value clients using the Facebook Ads Analysis Audit Dashboard in your consultation calls. Build Messenger drip sequences to automatically qualify leads and get Ad Account Audit Access with just 1 click. Learn how to grow your FB Ad & Messenger agency with an entire library of courses, checklists & case studies.

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