AppSumo Deal: Standuply Review

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Standuply Review: Standuply is #1 Project Management bot for Slack. It runs asynchronous standup meetings and team surveys via text, voice & video. With flexible scheduling options, you can configure Standuply to run reports when it’s convenient for your team and use your custom questions. Designed for small and large companies with multi-admin access. Integrated with: JIRA, Trello, Github, GitLab, Bitbucket, Google Analytics. Standuply is trusted by 20,000 teams from Slack, IBM, Adobe, Yelp, eBay and others.

With pre-defined templates, Standuply makes it easy to run not only stand-ups but retrospective meetings, team surveys and polls, team mood checks, Planning Poker, backlog grooming, and so much more. Planning Poker is a game-changing feature that allows you to connect Standuply to Trello (JIRA coming soon) so that your team can submit their task list estimations. With estimations being gathered automatically, you don’t need separate meetings to see when things will be done.

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Standuply Review

Standuply  Features:

Arrange asynchronous stand-ups on your own schedule via text, voice, and video

Customize questions and determine schedule type — no more time zone confusion

Sort through historical messages, track analytics, snooze questions, and so much more

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Standuply Review:

Pros: Standuply is great for our team because it lets us keep track of each other in a hands off way. We run a daily standup quiz on Tuesdays through to Fridays (we don’t do Monday because we have a weekly video catchup so no need).

The quick quiz asks users what they did yesterday, what they plan to do today and we have also started adding in an extra fun/get to know each other type question which is great for encouraging team bonding and chat (very important because our team is 100% remote).

Cons: I wish we could add a backlog of “fun” questions and have it auto cycle through them.

Overall: We’re solving the issue of standups in a remote team by leveraging Standuply. It makes keeping track of each other easy and it keeps the team accountable.

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