AppSumo Deal: SpreadSimple Lifetime Deal for $59

Appsumo SpreadSimple
Appsumo SpreadSimple

Appsumo SpreadSimple: AppSumo offers most of the useful software tools in deal every week. Using this opportunity any entrepreneur, small organization, and freelancers can develop their business. Likewise, SpreadSimple is a tool that is in the deal available this week in AppSumo.

SpreadSimple is a no-code web application that makes it simple and quick to create and manage a feature-rich website using just the data in a Google Sheet. If you can have an endless spreadsheet of products to upload, with accompanying data like images, descriptions, dimensions, and prices, you can easily turn it into full-fledged website with this tool.

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Appsumo SpreadSimple
Appsumo SpreadSimple

With SpreadSimple, you can Transform your Google Sheet into a beautiful and easy-to-manage website powered by your data. To get started, choose one of SpreadSimple’s professional-grade website templates, which can be customized to fit your unique needs. Thereby you create a modern, feature-rich website—without needing any special tech skills or coding knowledge in minutes.

SpreadSimple Features

You can update and manage your inventory, prices, and orders directly from the Google Sheet with SpreadSimple. After editing the Google Sheet, you’ll see the changes instantly reflected on your website. The main features of the website include

  • Create a beautiful and modern storefront from a Google Sheet, and manage the content by directly editing the sheet
  • Add customizable features, integrations, SEO, webhooks, cart and checkout, and order forms to make your site a full online store

This tool SpreadSimple suits best for Ecommerce starters, real estate agents, and anyone with inventory who needs to create a styled website, code-free. Also, this will be the best alternative tool to Sheet2Site, AppSheet, and Glide.

With this tool SpreadSimple, you can Manage the way your content is displayed on the page, including the information that’s most important to customers. You can also turn manual processes for your website into automated ones. You can Customize the design of your page by adding your own colors, branding, and logo in just a few clicks.

Buy AppSumo SpreadSimple Lifetime Deal for $59!

SpreadSimple lets you introduce various customizable features to your site like search, sorting, filtering, and pagination to make all your product pages uniquely yours. You can also add SEO details like meta tags, favicons, preview images, analytics and more. Your Content pages feature a global header and footer where you can add your branding, contact info, delivery and payment details, an “About us,” and more.

SpreadSimple makes browsing simple for customers with the ability to create filters and categories for the items they’re looking for. You can Add a shopping cart and an order collection form to your site for quick and easy checkout. As you provide specific details of  each item, SpreadSimple is ideal for e-commerce, restaurants, real estate, and directories.

SpreadSimple Pricing

Thus, you can use SpreadSimple to quickly create a beautiful, full-featured website directly from your Google Sheet data—no coding required. The actual price of the tool SpreadSimple is $960.00, but AppSumo offers it in a deal for low price $59 which will be a lifetime offer for a limited period of time.

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