Audiohero Review: Appsumo Lifetime Deal

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Audio Hero is dedicated to providing high-quality audio for your next project. With more than 250,000 professional tracks of royalty free music, sound effects and production elements, AudioHero is perfect for content creators, marketers and entrepreneurs. Discover all features included in the AudioHero Lifetime Deal below.

If you’ve ever added music or sound effects to a podcast, video, or social media post, you did one of two things:You either paid royalty fees so high you thought the Queen produced it, or you settled for free tunes that are mediocre at best.But, for the last week, Sumo-lings have been getting that primo quality audio sans royalty fees thanks to AudioHero.

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AudioHero Lifetime Deal
  • 3,000 AudioHero Hero Plan Credits
  • Able to re-download the same track with single credit
  • Playlist Maker Included
  • Licensed with all media and worldwide rights (Royalty-free)
  • Credits are one-time (don’t replenish)
  • Licensed for unlimited use for each download, in perpetuity & royalty-free
  • Credits/downloads never expire
  • Licensed for any production – No additional licensing or fees required
  • Choose from over 250,000 tracks of royalty free sound effects & music tracks

AudioHero is a new site that offers unlimited royalty free music and sound effects starting at $9.99 per month. With so many other sound effect sites on the market, would AudioHero really be able to offer music and sound effects superior to other services? I spent time digging for samples on the site to discover whether AudioHero would be able to save the day.

Buy AudioHero Lifetime Deal for $39!

AudioHero Review

Pros: An abundance of music and samples. Affordable subscription rates. One month free trial version available. Cancel your subscription at any time.

Cons: I would find it easier to sort samples by the genre, rather than the Mood. Searching for music samples would be easier if BPM categories were displayed in the Tempo Filter.

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