Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 Title Winner: Arav won Grand Prize of 50 Lakhs


Bigg Boss Grand Finale: Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 Grand Finale held today. All the ex-contestants and wildcard entries came to the show. Namitha is missed in the show. First, all the contestants entered the Bigg Boss house and met the final contestants Harish Kalyan, Arav, Ganesh Venkatram and Snehan. They all meet each other and enjoyed well by singing and dancing. Then everyone wished each other and come out of the house.

Suja Varunee, Gayathri Raghuram, Harathi and Julie performed the dance programme in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 finals. Oviya has given the task escort the second runner of the Bigg Boss. Shankar has came for a while and gave the announcement about Indian 2 movie with Kamal Hasan. After Enthiran 2.0 his next project will be Indian 2 with Kamal Hasan. Then all the contestants had a conversation with Universal Hero Kamal Hasan. The short film of Bigg Boss Season 1 was dedicated to all the contestants.

Arav Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss Arav

Oviya Barani Bigg Boss

The third runner-up of the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 is Ganesh Venkatram. He was escorted by his wife Nisha. The second runner-up of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 is Harish Kalyan and he was escorted by Oviya. Both Harish Kalyan and Ganesh were awarded the Vivo V7 Mobilephone. So that Vaiyapuri kidded to present at least Vivo V5 for the rest of the contestants. A short film for Kamal Hasan was dedicated by the Bigg Boss.

bigg boss Harish Kalyan

The rest of the contestants Arav and Snehan are brought out of the house by Kamal Hasan. The runner-up of Bigg Boss Tamil is Snehan and finally, the title winner of the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 is Arav who has got a huge number of votes from the people all over the world. Arav wins the Bigg Boss Season 1 Tamil title along with Vivo V7 mobile phone and grand prize 50 lakhs. Finally, all the contestants had a good dance with Kamal Hasan on the stage and finished the programmes. The Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 updates will be released soon.

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