Can Cats Eat Potato Chips

Although some people believe that cats are incapable of eating foods containing chocolate, salt, or sugar, this is not true! Many small additions of these three ingredients can be added to your cat’s diet and they will enjoy them just as much as you do.

Chocolate, salt, and sugar are all highly nutritional substances. These additives add flavor to most any food product, making it more appealing for consumption.

Many dogs already eat such products, so why not give your furry friend some extra nutrition? Since cats are known to taste different flavors than humans, however, there has been debate about whether or not they would reject these additives.

Luckily, we have gathered several tips here to show you how to easily include chocolate chips, salted peanuts, and dried fruits into your pet’s daily meals. All three of these recipes are very popular and many owners say that their pets seem to like them!


The information in this article should serve as a starting point for those who wish to begin giving their dog or cat additional nutritional snacks. However, because animals anvetisme certain foods, we cannot guarantee that your animal will accept these new snacks immediately.

It is important to start with a small amount of each ingredient and wait for results before adding more. Also remember that if your dog does not appear to enjoy the snack, then leave it out until he/she shows signs of liking it.

Does it make them fat?

can cats eat potato chips

Although some may claim that salty foods are an essential part of the feline diet, this is not true! For many cats, food with lots of salt can be a problem instead of something they love to eat.

Many owners give their pets free access to salty snacks, which can sometimes become a habit. As we know, habits can become long-lasting patterns for your pet.

Some dogs and cats develop eating behaviors due to repeated exposure to high levels of table salts or processed junk foods. This happens because animals learn from what and how much they are fed.

As humans like me know, children at young ages tend to ask for things containing large amounts of sugar or fat. Since kittens and puppies are still developing, they also need more nutrients to grow properly.

This doesn’t always happen, but as adults we must be aware and teach our fur babies good nutrition.

Sadly, most American households don’t pay enough attention to their cat’s or dog’s nutritional needs.

Does it make them sick?

can cats eat potato chips

While some people swear that cats will eat just about anything, this is not true! Consuming large amounts of raw potatoes or foods containing high levels of starch can cause vomiting and diarrhea in your cat.

If you are giving your cat dried potato chips, check to see if they have listed additives such as dyes, sugar, and salt. These additives may be harmful for your kitty.

You should also make sure that any food given to your cat has no milk products in it, as these can sometimes pass through the stomach undigested and become lactose, which can result in gastrointestinal issues for your kitten.

Will they get chips on them?

can cats eat potato chips

Even though some people claim that cats will never eat anything with chocolate or salt in it, this is not true! Chocolate contains something called cocoa butter, which is mostly made of fat. Many people also add sugar to milk, creating what we call “dairy cream”. Both of these are extremely rich in fats so your cat can enjoy them – just make sure they do not like one chip too many!

If you see your cat eating a potato chip, give him/her another one right away! This way he/she does not feel hungry anymore, reducing the risk of food-induced vomiting or anorexia.

Will they try to eat you?

can cats eat potato chips

As we have seen, most dogs will not touch the chips with your hands unless you give them permission. They are also probably too busy chasing the cat to watch what you do with the potato chip box or bag.

If you ever find that your dog is constantly looking for a snack, then consider whether or not cats might be passing their “treats” to your dog.

It is very important to remember that even if your dog seems hungry, he may decide to pass up the food because it has some sort of unknown flavor.

Dogs are very curious creatures and will often explore new things by licking, sniffing, and eating whatever they can get their paws on.

Cat owners should be extra careful when leaving snacks out as well, just in case one of your pets decides to indulge his/herself.

Yes, cats can eat potato chips

can cats eat potato chips

A few years ago, there was an interesting discussion about whether or not your cat could possibly enjoy eating baked goods. This talk came up because some dogs are known to love baking their own food. They get inspiration from watching their owners bake and then they try it themselves!

A small percentage of dog lovers actually bake for their pets. These people usually have very creative recipes that require them to measure ingredients using volume instead of weight.

Since most dogs seem to like dry foods, these bakers sometimes use dried fruits as a recipe ingredient. Since dried fruit is typically low in water content, the dogs don’t mind eating just enough liquid to make it taste good – thus, no need to add any milk to the recipe!

Some clever dog bakers even mix their dough in a blender so that their four-legged friends cannot help but enjoy their culinary creations!

Sadly, this chat did NOT die down quickly. People kept talking about it and many sources agreed that yes, cats CAN enjoy eating baked goods. In fact, some say that it is healthy for them!

So what do you feed your cat? If she loves dried kibble, give her one type of kibble and see how she likes it before switching her favorite flavor to something else.

If she seems more interested in meat than carbs, consider giving her cooked chicken, beef, or fish snacks once in a while.

Does it make them fat?

can cats eat potato chips

Although some may believe that salty foods are only good for cats, eating too much of anything can be bad! Too many potatoes chips or any other food item with salt in them for your cat is not healthy.

Many people claim that their cat loves potato chips. This article will talk about why this isn’t necessarily true and what you can do to prevent your pet from consuming too much junk food.

It is very important to know how much salt your kitty needs. Unfortunately, there are no exact numbers for this. Vet experts agree that one part per thousand (or 1 ppm) of sodium is the needed amount for most adult size dogs and cats.

This applies to all breeds, colors, and sizes. However, every animal is different so these numbers should be adjusted depending on weight, age, etc.

Sadly, the average bag of twenty-four salted potato chips has around three hundred fifty eight grams of plain old white sugar! If your dog or cat eats two bags per day, they would have over nine pounds of sugar daily!

Nine pounds of pure glucose is WAY TOO MUCH FOR A DOG OR CAT! They could become diabetic or suffer mental health issues due to the high blood glucose levels. For a cat, kidney disease can also occur because they don’t drink as much water.

All animals need potassium to work properly. Potassium helps regulate heart function and fluid balance.

Does it make them sick?

can cats eat potato chips

While most dogs love potato chips, for some reason they are not happy when their dog friend tries to get one! If your cat is trying to eat a chip or several chips, try to distract her/him with food of her/his own type.

If this does not work, try putting the leftover chips in a plate and taking the plate away. Or better yet, buy your friends low-fat, healthier snackable pieces. These can be tossed into the mouth without chewing, which may help prevent choking.

Some people believe that cats cannot taste salt, so adding extra flavor to their foods may actually cause vomiting. This could go wrong if your pet gets enough sodium from other sources, such as soil and water.

Will they get chips on them?

can cats eat potato chips

While most cats will eat almost anything you put in their mouth, potato chip snacks are one food that is difficult to find many pictures or reports about. This is probably because very few people actually give your average cat a chance to try a snack!

Most dogs enjoy a good barbeque chicken leg or roast beef roll-up, but what does the average housecat seem to like?

A couple of weeks ago my friend’s two year old kitten was sitting next to the kitchen counter when her mother was cleaning up after dinner. The kitten tried to take a bite out of some leftover cooked rice she had left on the plate.

Her mom grabbed her before she could really make much of an effort, so she just gave up and let the kitten have it. A few days later her parents noticed that the kitten was acting funny, looking sickly. She seemed weak and would barely move around.

My friends took her to the vet right away, and they determined that she had kidney disease due to eating too much rice. They told her parents that if the kitten is still unable to be fed properly then she should consider putting her down.

Their family decided against this, though.

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