Can Dogs Have Hot Cheetos

There are several theories about why some dogs get hungry for the salty, crunchy snack food cheez-its. Some say it’s because they taste like cheese or that their texture is similar to bread.

Another theory is that dogs can perceive spicy foods as being warm, which makes them feel warmer inside. Because heat moves energy away from other things in the body, many believe eating cheezethts could cause your dog to lose appetite and therefore weight.

However, this article will talk you through how to make sure your dog never eats any kind of cheesy cracker!

What should I know?

You don’t need to worry about your dog ever buying her/his own box full of cheesy snacks, but there are ways to prevent your dog getting sick of cheez-its very easily.

Luckily, you can find lots of recipes and tips online and in cookbooks on what to do if your dog gets an uncontrollable craving for these snacks.

Some people suggest adding more fiber or probiotics to his/her diet to help settle the stomach, but no one really knows for certain whether that works or not.


Does it damage your teeth?

can dogs have hot cheetos

While there are some theories about dogs being able to eat hot cheetos, this is not something that has been confirmed by most experts. Most agree that eating hot foods can cause problems for dog’s oral health.

Dogs who enjoy hot food may be more likely to suffer from gum disease or tooth decay due to the increased exposure of their gums to bacteria.

Furthermore, red pepper contains an ingredient called piperine which helps in digestion processes so if a dog eats too much of it, then possibly less of the nutrient gets absorbed which could be harmful to overall health.

Does it damage your tongue?

can dogs have hot cheetos

The last thing you want to do as an owner of a dog that loves hot cheesy snacks is make them eat something that may hurt or even destroy their taste buds. Luckily, there are ways to prevent this!

Certain foods can actually cause inflammation in your dogs’ mouths, which could lead to problems with his/her teeth and gums. As such, most major food brands have products designed for healthy canine tongues.

These cool beverages or gel supplements contain electrolytes like sodium and glucose. When consumed, these minerals help keep your dog’s mouth hydrated and functioning normally.

Some manufacturers claim that their product can be used instead of water when grooming or bathing your animal, making it more accessible to all pet owners.

Is it bad for your health?

While there have been some reports of dogs eating hot cheezits (yes, they exist) and experiencing vomiting or diarrhea within an hour, these are very rare instances.

Most dogs that experience symptoms of choking while chewing or ingesting food do not survive!

In fact, many pooches who eat hot cheeze suffer from what is called glossopharyngeal neuralgia, which is excessive stimulation in the nerves located behind the soft palate in the mouth. This overstimulation can cause pain and seizures, and sometimes even death.

This condition usually goes away on its own, but veterinary care may be needed if symptoms persist.

Do not eat too many

can dogs have hot cheetos

While it may seem like fun to give your dog hot cheez-tastic treats, it is actually very dangerous for them!

Many dogs’ coats grow thicker during cold weather seasons, but with warm temperatures, their fur begins to thin out and lose its protective layer. If your dog has dry skin or flaky patches, this can be particularly harmful since they are susceptible to heat stress and heat stroke.

Dogs that suffer from heatstroke will act nervous, restless, and have trouble breathing and swallowing. They may also develop seizures and/or cardiovascular problems.

If you see signs of overheating in your dog, take immediate action by cooling him down using towels and cool water, feeding him ice chips, and putting him in a cooler area if possible. In some cases, veterinary treatment is needed to reduce body temperature.

Heat makes them more tasty

can dogs have hot cheetos

Many people adore hot things, especially when they’re eaten with your hands. Chips and dip are always super delicious if you add just the right amount of heat!

For dogs, food that is warm is much more enjoyable to eat. The soft, buttery texture pairs well with most anything so it’s not too hard for them to enjoy it.

Since puppies grow at a very fast rate, there is an extra cost associated with having heated dog bowls in the kitchen. Luckily, you can get heated dog bowls that work via USB cable!

These are very easy to use and usually only cost around $20-30 depending on the model.

They can burn your tongue

can dogs have hot cheetos

While hot dogs have cured many people of their culinary desires, they may pose an actual risk for some dog owners. A few dogs are known to enjoy eating what is referred to as “hot cheeto”s. These are crispy puffed rice or oat flakes that contain cinnamon and butter or oil.

Some dogs will eat nothing but these foods and it becomes a problem. If your dog has turned into the next Chihuahua who insists on only eating warm French fries then you should be concerned.

This may not seem like a big deal at first, but if left untreated it could lead to liver damage. Luckily, there are ways to help prevent this in dogs that love hot chips.

What are hot cheezo snacks?

Hot cheezy snacks are usually made from dried bread crumbs or oats which have been mixed with melted fat (such as shortening or olive oil) and spices such as salt, pepper, and sometimes chili powder.

These can easily be prepared one week ahead and stored in an airtight container until needed. The most common variety is probably chicken flavored, but others include vegetarian options.

Preventing hot cheese snacks in dogs

The best way to prevent dogs from developing an addiction to hot cheesy snacks is by never giving them food that contains the ingredient list mentioned above. This includes avoiding table top snacks, otherwise know as junk food, that contain them.

They can leave your teeth white

can dogs have hot cheetos

Technically speaking, hot dogs are not food for dogs. Only certain breeds are able to eat them, and even then it is only as an occasional treat.

However, there is one type of hot dog that some people feed their dogs — chicken-style wieners or bratwurst! These longer, thinner sausages are more like hamburger rolls than classic wiener shapes.

These “chicken” sausages are made from pure pork and do not contain any vegetables or other additives such as carrageenan (a seaweed extract). This means they are almost totally fat!

That makes these foods very tasty for dogs. Unfortunately, this fun ingredient is also extremely difficult to digest.

When you eat a hot dog, half of it gets eaten and the rest goes in leftover. If you ever see green slime when you take a bite of your dog’s food, chances are it has already been chewed down and voila, digestive troubles!

For some dogs, the grease in the sausage may be too much. For others, the carrageenan may cause digestion issues. Either way, neither portion of the food is healthy for your pooch.

If your dog seems uninterested in eating his/her kibble after being given this junk food, try offering him/her a small amount of the plain kibble instead.

There is a video of this happening

can dogs have hot cheetos

A few months back, YouTube user TheMexicanMami made her dogs eat some hot chee-tos! She put down two pats of butter and one packet of cheese crisp chips for each dog. Then she set the food aside and left them alone to enjoy it.

After about ten minutes, both dogs were barking very loudly. They seemed frantic as they tried to get their mouths open wide enough to take a big gulp of air. When nothing worked, they gave up and sat motionless until Mami returned an hour later.

When she opened the bag, both pooches had diarrhea and looked sick. They needed medical attention immediately, but Mami was too busy trying to figure out what happened to take them to the vet right then.

She took pictures and called you to see if you could help identify the animals. You told us that these are Akita mix puppies and that you’ve never seen anything like this before.

You also mentioned that these types of foods can be expensive so people sometimes overdo it when baking or making snacks. That could have caused a lot of stress for your dogs and maybe even grossed them out.

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