Dubb Tool Discount: Cyber Monday AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Dubb AppSumo

Dubb AppSumo: It’s darn near 2019, people. If you are still communicating via phone or lengthy snoozefest emails, you need to get with the times. Here comes the new video tool Dubb which Improve communication and have fun. It suits best for people Closing more sales and improving business communication.

Dubb is a video communication platform that lets you build relationships and quickly convey information to prospective and existing customers. Dubb helps you create and share conversion-driving screen recordings and live and pre-recorded videos without any specialized equipment, software, or technical skills. The retail price of Dubb is $480. But AppSumo offers Dubb tool for just $59 as a Lifetime deal for this Cyber Monday.

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Dubb AppSumo

These videos can be used to increase sales, improve marketing, and simplify onboarding. Every video in your account will be hosted on a subdomain, which can be customized with your own logo, custom URL, page theme, contact information, additional video playlists, and more. Dubb makes creating and sharing videos on the desktop and mobile easy.

Dubb Features

  • Build Trust: Create one-to-one sales experiences using video directly from your email, social networks, and SMS.
  • Expedite Sales: Educate, consult, and convey value to your business prospects to help close more deals faster.
  • Increase Retention: A video platform that lets you convey your ever-growing value proposition to your audience.
  • Promote Referrals: Encourage your best marketers (your clients) to be evangelists of you and your offerings.

AppSumo Dubb

Dubb Easily create and share videos that nurture relationships and close more sales, customized CTAs for email, URL, phone, FB Messenger, and calendar, and detailed data tracking of conversions.

Buy Dubb Lifetime Deal for Just $59!

The Dubb team has developed a proprietary set of features that are specifically designed to achieve the highest levels of engagement, conversions, and sales. This custom set gives Dubb a leg up on the free and paid alternatives. And Dubb’s automatically-generated customizable landing pages, custom landing page URLs, animated gifs, and multi-function CTA buttons cannot be found on any free software.

With such features, AppSumo offers Dubb tool for just $59 as a lifetime deal for Cyber Monday. Buying from AppSumo, you can stack an unlimited amount of codes. Each code will give you an additional team member, 100 videos, 10GB of storage, 10k contacts. When you stack three codes, you get an unlimited number of videos.

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