England’s Queen Elizabeth’s physical well-being – Priya said goodbye to the people!

England's Queen Elizabeth's physical well-being - Priya

The body of the late Queen Elizabeth II of England was cremated.

As Queen Elizabeth II of England passed away on the 8th, her body was laid to rest in Scotland. It was then brought to London and honored by the royal family at Buckingham Palace. Following this, public tributes were held at Westminster Hall in the Parliament complex. Lakhs of people stood in long queues for hours to pay their respects. Following this, the funeral rites started yesterday afternoon. A public holiday was declared across Britain and many shops were closed.

After the royal family paid their respects to Queen Elizabeth’s body in Westminster Hall, the funeral procession began in the hearse used at the death of the Queen’s father in 1952. The Queen’s body was placed in a traditional cannon carriage. It was towed by a Royal Navy crew of 142 sailors. On the Queen’s coffin, her crown and scepter studded with the Kohinoor diamond were placed. As the carriage was followed by King Charles and his family, in their traditional attire, the Scottish and Irish bands played instruments. A procession through WINDSOR CASTLE.

England's Queen Elizabeth's physical well-being - Priya

More than 2,000 people paid their respects to the body of Queen Elizabeth, which was brought to the Westminster Church complex, including Indian President Draupadi Murmu, American President Joe Biden, and other important personalities.

Queen Elizabeth’s body was then brought to St. George’s Chapel in Westminster Abbey. A special prayer was held there. Then all the family members including Prince George and Charlotte participated.

During the prayer, the church bells were rung 96 times to mark the Queen’s age.

As the Royal Vault prepared for Queen Elizabeth’s burial, the funeral procession began with cavalry honors. The Queen’s body was taken to Windsor Castle where she will be laid to rest. Then lakhs of people gathered on both sides of the road and bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth.

Finally, the body of Queen Elizabeth II was moved to the Royal Vault. Private prayer was held there attended only by his family members. Queen Elizabeth’s body was later buried next to her husband Philip’s grave.

Finally, the National Anthem of England was played in Westminster Abbey.

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