Full Grown Great Dane Pitbull Mix

All dogs are not created equal! Some can be much bigger than you think, some are more intelligent than you would expect, and some just want to prove they are the best dog ever!

That is what my last great dane puppy did. He was around five years old when he found me. At first I thought he was just very playful but as time went by it became clear that this pup wanted something more.

He would start walking up to me with his head down and try to push himself into my lap or even under the table where there were food dishes. It got so bad that we had to get new furniture so he could never fully make his goal.

It took a while for us to realize what he was trying to tell us, but once we did nothing could stop us from giving him a home!

I now have a 6 year old great dane mix who loves going on walks almost every day, he sleeps in his own crate at night, and he enjoys being pet and loved.

His name is Zeus and he has made our family feel loved for over half of his life.

Characteristics of the Great Dane

full grown great dane pitbull mix

The great dane is one of the largest dog breeds in the world! They are also one of the rarer dog breeds, with only around 5–7% of all dogs being identified as having this breed type.

That means that even though they make up just under 1% of all puppies born every year, their population stays relatively stable.

This stability makes them very popular pets – many people choose to re-home or adopt a dane when they grow older so they can continue to be loved and understood.

However, before you decide which puppy is right for you, do some research first! Make sure you understand what kind of owner the breed needs and what qualities it should have.

Also, look into whether any health conditions might affect your choice of dog. For example, deaf dogs are not good candidates if you want to hear conversations at night or for work next week!

Finally, consider how much space you will give each other during playtime. A large dog like the great dane requires more room to move around than smaller breeds, but they can get bored and need human interaction more frequently.

Difference between Great Dane and French Bulldog

full grown great dane pitbull mix

The most important difference between a great dane and a bull dog is size! A great Dane can get very tall, even to where they look taller than other breeds due to their long legs.

They also may have some of the longer ears that drop down like a coat tail. This helps contribute to their dramatic appearance.

However, this breed does not grow beyond around twenty-four inches at the tallest. They are usually much shorter than this with about sixteen pounds as the average height.

A great deal of the color comes from being mixed in with white dogs which is why there are few solid colors available for this breed. Most puppies are either all black or all white making it hard to tell what they will be later on!

The French bulldog is typically one third the length of a great dane but twice as heavy. This means that although they take up more space, they weigh less per square foot.

This makes them an ideal companion for someone looking to save money on rent or house keeping since they do not require a large amount of space to enjoy time together.

Health issues with the Great Dane

Unfortunately, due to the popularity of this breed, there are many cases of overbreeding leading to health problems. Because they are bred for large size at such an early age, some dogs in shelters or breeding facilities are given very little time to learn how to house train.

Many puppies are also not socialized properly as they grow up isolated in a kennel. This can sometimes result in behavioral issues later on. Due to their large frame and strong jaw line, some dogs are more likely to suffer from hip dysplasia than other breeds.

This is because when they walk it does not put enough stress on the joints! In fact, most Great Dane owners have heard about this condition before but may be too distracted by all the fun toys their dog has to notice any changes in his behavior. If you do see changes in your dog’s activity level, appetite, mood, or general mobility, it is important to take him to the vet right away.

Ways to socialize a Great Dane

full grown great dane pitbull mix

Socializing a dog is very important, especially a large dog like a Great Dane! This puppy will need lots of exposure to other dogs to form good socialization skills.

Dogs that are socially stable are usually happy and loved pets. People who adopt older dogs may find it difficult to get adequate sleep due to all the noise the dog makes while waiting for you to wake up.

Since most great dane puppies are not raised with other dogs, they can be a little nervous around them at times. The owners or trainers of these dogs should work hard to expose the pup to different situations so he is more confident around others as an adult.

General tips when interacting with any type of dog include: don’t run away, keep your hands quiet, stay calm, use pleasant sounds, etc.

Teach them using a variety of methods

There is no one best way to train any dog, including full-grown dogs. Different training strategies work for different people and dogs. What works for your friend’s dog may not work for yours!

Some trainers use reward-based training with food or toys as their main tool to teach lessons to dogs. By conditioning dogs to respond to specific behaviors by giving them rewards, you can inspire repeat behavior.

This article will talk about some effective basic commands and how to teach those commands to your new puppy. Then, we will discuss getting rid of unwanted habits like jumping and scratching. If you are looking to adopt a dog, check out our tips here on what questions to ask before bringing home a pet.

Keep them busy

full grown great dane pitbull mix

When you are walking your dog, make sure to keep him engaged. If he is not in need of exercise, take him for a short walk or use the park that’s next door for some play time.

He may feel tired or bored after coming back from his day, so try to do something fun with him before letting him sleep.

Try giving him some toys to chew on or let him explore new things by having a talk about what kind of dogs you want to own.

Dogs who are past their puppy stage can be very sweet and loyal if trained properly. Many people don’t realize how intelligent they are until you teach them something!

Having a conversation with your dog while both of you are sitting down is more productive than talking to the air when you get up.

Make them perform a few tricks

full grown great dane pitbull mix

Although great dane mixes are known for being loving, loyal dogs that get along with most other animals, this does not mean they should be given free access to external toys or play objects.

Dogs of any breed need to learn how to socialize and interact with new things so they do not become too attached to something that may hurt or scare them later on.

A very common cause of separation anxiety in dogs is when owners give their dog free run of the house, allowing him to explore whatever he wants.

If your dog has done this, it is important to prevent her from doing so until she can handle such interactions. This will take some time!

It is also essential to teach your dog basic commands like sit, stay, come, walk me etc. When you let her off the leash, make sure there’s an adult around who can watch over her.

Enforce good health habits

full grown great dane pitbull mix

Even if you have to go through a little bit of a process to get there, most dogs will give you some sort of indication that they want better health.

There are many signs that your dog may not be feeling well or is suffering from something more serious like diabetes.

These symptoms can include lethargy, weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea or blood in their stool, changes in activity level or temperament, erratic eating patterns and/or thirst. If you notice any of these things, take them seriously as early indicators of disease!

Make sure to check with your vet but also do your best to identify the cause before seeking professional help for your dog.

Some conditions such as hyperthyroidism (excessive thyroid hormone) and hypothyroidism (low levels of thyroid hormones) cannot be detected unless tested so make sure to ask about those!

You can try home treatments first but sometimes what seems to work for one person’s dog doesn’t work for yours.

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