History Search Review: Appsumo Lifetime Deal

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History Search Review: Digging up the past isn’t always the best idea (e.g. Facebook stalking an ex “out of curiosity”), except when it comes to retrieving essential websites and documents. If you’ve ever tried sifting through your crowded browser history for that useful post from weeks ago, you know you’d have better luck finding every sock your dryer’s eaten.

History Search gives you multiple trails of breadcrumbs that lead you right back to the pages you need. With automatic indexing, the text from any web page gets logged as you browse. You’ll be able to find your way back to that Super Important Website just by entering the few keywords you can recall.

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History Search

Do you remember the 21st night of September? History Search does. You can search by time frame, get visual previews to help jog your memory, import your history, and search History Search directly from Google. There’s also a super neat and helpful feature called Collections, which allows you to quickly group together websites and docs into a searchable folder. You can even open all sites in a Collection folder at once!

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History Search Features

  • Search through past websites and documents seamlessly by keyword and date range
  • Pause History Search and blacklist or ignore specific websites from automatic indexing
  • Sync your favorites and history across browsers and devices

History Search Offer

History Search will allow anyone to search the 3000 most recently visited webpages for free, but to search older records an upgrade is required—just like Slack. More storage starts at 3.99 a/month. Finally, besides the free version that is available to everyone, we also have a special offer for Product Hunters. Today and tomorrow the annual subscription will available at a 25% discount off for the first year, with: PRODUCTHUNT25 (valid Today and Tomorrow).

History Search Review:

Pros: History Search often works better than searching services themselves because all the content in History Search is relevant to me alone.
Cons: There’s not mobile app yet, but as I’ve heard a mobile responsive web search is on its way.

Over the past year I’ve seen History Search develop very quickly. I know Martijn and he’s very motivated to make this services the best it can possibly be.

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