How Long Can Rahul Gandhi and the Congress Survive these ‘Final’ Statements?

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A Congress party worker from Uttar Pradesh has said ‘Banda Dil Se Lada Hai’, speaking about how he had come to respect Rahul Gandhi from the course of Lok Sabha 2019 election campaign. He also said that Rahul Gandhi cancelled all his rallies a day just before the election because he was not able to get half the media attention as of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

So what went wrong?

Building a strong organization, carrying out door-to-door campaigning and that also without forming a right alliance all of these Rahul Gandhi’s efforts remained ignorant by the media. The Nyuntam Aay Yojana (NYAY) scheme has never reached the people for whom it made. Its manifesto summoned as ‘liberal’ and ‘visionary’, was not able to make an impact on the persons for whom it made. Rahul Gandhi kept on talking about Rafale Jet controversy at the edge that also had not found any fullness on the ground.


Rahul Gandhi has carried the carried the Congress campaign on his shoulders. The campaign did not carry Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi has worked a lot as party president but had failed as an MP by taking his electorate for granted.

Most of the problems which parties have are internal problems. But the problem with Congress is Indiscipline. Like Jyotiraditya Scindia, who given the duty of general secretary in western UP, didn’t do much work in his region.

He worked hard but result didn’t stand in favour of him?

Though Rahul Gandhi has made a lot of effort from his side on 23rd May result didn’t stand on his side. Five years ago Rahul Gandhi had no words for the thousands of workers who had invested their time and money for the party. This time we don’t have any idea how he is going to handle this.

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