How Long Do Parakeets Live?

While many people enjoy owning parrots, there are also those that find it difficult to handle them due to their demanding nature. Some birds can be very persistent in wanting food or toys, which makes them want to keep trying harder to get what they want!

When a bird becomes more than willing to repeat certain behaviors for extended periods of time, this is called perseverance.

Persevering takes a lot of patience as you have to stay focused on your goal while ignoring distractions.

It can take months before a parrot gets so obsessed with seeking out food or toys that they stop looking like they need help finding these things. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing unless you think their desire to eat or play has gone too far!

Sadly, some individuals will use a bird’s incessant need for attention as an excuse to put the animal through a lot of stress and anxiety. This is not only cruel, but may even hurt the bird’s chances of being adopted into a good home.

Fortunately, there are ways to determine if a parrot is unhappy because he or she needs extra attention, tips for helping him or her feel happier about his or her situation, and whether or not the owner should give up and let the bird fly away.

This article will talk about how long do parakeet live and if a person should consider getting rid of their pet.


The environment affects how long parakeets live

how long do parakeets live

Aparks, or birds of prey such as owls and hawks, are not friendly to most parrots. When these predators need to eat they go after small animals like rabbits or squirrels.

When an owl or hawk needs to lay their own kind, they will hunt in groups together. This is why you may see many hungry looking eyes while watching television at night — it’s just a bunch of faces wanting food!

By making yourself uncomfortable for your bird, this predator species has to look elsewhere for food. So, by creating a more hospitable home for your parrot, you can help him/her live longer.

Another reason that birds of prey don’t particularly care for other birds is because both parents pass down protective antibodies to their young. Since parrots do not have parental figures, they are susceptible to external threats in their early lives.

This could be from another parrot parent or even internal viruses and bacteria that the bird comes into contact with (such as when being cleaned).

Disease can affect how long parakeets live

how long do parakeets live

One of the biggest reasons that people get rid of their birds is because they think it is impossible to keep them as pets. This is not the case!

It is very possible to take good care of a bird at home. Birds are not too complicated, nor do they pose health risks for owners. In fact, many believe that owning a bird can be healthier than having no pet at all!

Disease can sometimes hinder your bird’s ability to survive or even cause death. However, just like with any other animal, you can prevent most disease in your feathered friend by giving him or her adequate nutrition and exercise, practicing proper hygiene, and ensuring his or her surroundings are free from toxins and allergens.

This article will talk about some common diseases that can potentially threaten the life of your bird and what you can do to avoid this.

Reproduction affects how long parakeets live

how long do parakeets live

When birds are born, they depend on their parents for food sources for a period of time. This is especially true for young birds that need to learn how to eat and survive!

As babies get older, their needs shift towards more mature foods such as fruits and vegetables. Because this change in diet can be stressful for baby birds, their systems may not fully regulate internal processes.

This could result in nutritional deficiencies or overnutrition (e.g., paunchy chicks with too much fat). Either situation can have negative effects on growth and development.

In fact, there is some evidence that suggests poor nutrition during critical periods can cause death of certain cells and tissues, which contributes to mortality in juvenile birds.

Given all this, it makes sense to limit reproduction when animals reach maturity. But what defines “mature”?

Fortunately, there are simple ways to identify when birds enter into breeding season. By observing changes in appearance, behavior, and physiology, you will know when it’s time to prevent offspring production.

Cons of parakeet ownership

how long do parakeets live

Although some people claim that they can take care of their birds for you, this is not true. Only trained professionals with vast experience in bird keeping can ensure your bird’s well-being.

Sadly, even these experts have to deal with unhappy birds from time to time. Some birds are just not meant to be owners, and will eventually find themselves without a home.

When this happens, most state animal departments ask that you either give away or sell your bird to an experienced avian keeper or wildlife organization.

You may also be asked to contribute money towards the cost of finding new homes for the pet. This is especially important if the owner was unable to provide appropriate care during the bird’s life.

Although it is difficult to say how long each individual bird will live, there are several factors that influence how long its life will be.

Best birdie friends

how long do parakeets live

In most cases, parrots will live at least five to six years depending on what kind of parrot you have! Some species are known for living longer than 10 years like the cockatoo or Amazonian hornbills, but this is very rare.

There are several reasons why some birds may seem less lively as they get older. Most importantly, as they grow older their owners can no longer observe how well they interact with other animals or how they speak.

As birds age, they begin to lose muscle tone which makes it more difficult for them to respond to stimuli. They may also start to show signs of health problems such as cataracts (a disease where the lenses in the eyes become cloudy) or glaucoma (when fluid accumulates in the eye).

But even if your pet isn’t showing any obvious symptoms, don’t assume that he/she doesn’t feel good about themselves. Aging pets often suffer from anxiety or depression due to feeling sick and unwell. This can sometimes make them behave in unexpected ways. For example, instead of interacting with another animal, they may prefer to stay alone and sleep.

Given all these possible causes, it can be tricky to determine whether your pet is suffering because of old age or something else.

They can fly

how long do parakeets live

While most parrot species only live for around five to seven years, how long your bird will live depends mostly on what you as an owner do to ensure their well-being.

Most parrots are not capable of telling time beyond one hour so they have no concept of death or that something has ended!

They also cannot recognize themselves in mirrors which may contribute to birds killing themselves by ingesting harmful substances such as hairspray or soap.

When giving your bird food, make sure it is appropriate at its size and that it does not contain any additives or preservatives. These could irritate their digestive system and cause health issues down the road.

Experts suggest reading about your bird’s breed to see if there are any specific guidelines for life expectancy.

They are very intelligent


While most parrot species do not live longer than 10-15 years, this is changing. More people are keeping these birds as pets longer due to them living up to 5-10 years in certain conditions.

There are many different reasons why some parrots live longer than others!

Some parrots are just born healthier and more robust than other species. This includes better nutrition and healthier internal organs.

Other factors include how well their owners care for them, whether or not they are exposed to heavy metals such as from toys made of plastic, and if they receive adequate exposure to light.

Overall fitness also plays a big part in determining how long your bird will live. Birds that are healthy at birth will enjoy a longer life spent enjoying all the things they love to do.

They make great pets

how long do parakeets live

While it may seem that parrots live for a long time, this is not always the case! The average lifespan of a pet parrot is usually three to five years. This can be very difficult to believe if you have already given up or are thinking about giving up on rehoming your bird.

Many things can contribute to how long your bird lives include their breed, what kind of diet they eat, how well socialized they are, and whether or not they get adequate rest.

It is important to remember that even though birds age more quickly than mammals, that does not mean that their health does not deteriorate. Older birds are still able to enjoy life just as much as younger ones.

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