How to use Facebook Platform to Increase Organic Traffic In 2019

Social media is a lot more than simple leisure now. It is one of the most powerful modes of digital marketing. Today, there are various brands that spend more than 90% of their marketing budget on social media marketing. Facebook is one of the integral social media options that can be used for effective marketing and getting more traffic. Why is Facebook such a successful social media marketing option? This question has a simple and straightforward answer. To start with, the count of people using Facebook is enormous. It is quite hard to find a lot of people that does not use it on daily basis. The more your Facebook Score will be, the more organic traffic you will get.

More people mean more exposure leading to more traffic. This obviously leads to higher chances of increasing the number of conversions. Here are some key ways for using Facebook to get more traffic.

  1. Advertise your website link on the Facebook Page

Facebook is a very powerful method to make your brand known more to people. How do you know that your brand is successful or not? While using Facebook, this is not a hard task at all. If you have a large count of people liking your page, it simply means that people are interested in buying your products / services. However, Facebook pages take their time in making a mark as your company may not be the only one using this social media platform.  Thus, getting noticed by people would consume time.

  • The comments of people would obviously tell you a clear picture of how your brand is being intercepted. Negative comments should be taken as a method of improvement as customers do highlight why they did not like something. Along with that, positive comments surely mean that more traffic would come your way. It is obvious that your website link should be apparent to people visiting your Facebook page.
  • The link to your website should be visible at multiple places on your Facebook page. You can provide it on the home page, in blog posts and other places. If your website link is apparent to the user, he would surely make the effort to click it and view your website. However, you cannot expect the user to search for your website link. Through Facebook, you can generate a lot of traffic but the right tips have to be used by the user.
  1. Facebook Pages with Photographs work well

Using Facebook as a way to get more traffic is very different from using blog posting or any other method. When you are using Facebook, it is not about using simple text statements to let your product known. People do not view Facebook pages to view product descriptions and details. It is obvious that this information can be added but a good Facebook page comprises of various other constituents.

  • How do people know the appearance of your product? Using text may not be the most productive way to do it. In addition to that, Facebook pages seem empty without photos. Thus, the first step of making your Facebook page successful is adding photographs. You need to remember that people do not show interest in something until they know how it looks like. Add some impressive photographs or your products and services to get customer attention.
  • Adding videos is one of the most successful ways to get traffic through Facebook. For instance, if you are selling a product line of electronic gadgets, add videos of how they can be used. This is something that attracts the buyer a lot more than simple text. People understand more about a brand by viewing products.
  • With the passage of time, the buying behaviour of people has changed massively. Today, people view Facebook and other social media platforms to see what different companies are offering instead of checking company websites. One reason for this is that they use Facebook excessively throughout the day to interact with people. Thus, the chances of getting exposure are much higher.
  1. Update the content from time to time

There is an important aspect which you need to keep in mind while using Facebook as a method to get traffic. The content that you put on your Facebook page can turn the tables for you within no time. Fresh quality content can multiply the traffic immediately while low standard or stale content can convince visitors to quite the page.

  • The quality of content is extremely important if you want customers to come your way. High quality content means more traffic and more buyers. Creating a Facebook page, stuffing it with content and then forgetting about it is not what people expect from a quality brand. From time to time, upload new content on your Facebook page. This can be both text and visual information.
  • In case of promotions and sales, brands use Facebook as a very productive mode. If you are running a sale, add promotional banners, product images, videos and other visual constituents to get customer attention. Visual methods are surely more appealing than texts because people do not want to spend so much time. Other than that, looking at a product is a lot easier than reading about it. For instance, consider that you are selling a tea brand. People would obviously want to look at the box, the packaging features and the reviews of other people who have used it. A product picture is obviously a better option that writing several lines of text.
  1. Sharing means more traffic at a quick pace

Beefing your Facebook page is the first step towards getting more traffic but you can do a lot more to get quicker results. One of the helpful options is providing a share button.

  • Not everyone would be visiting your Facebook page directly. If one customer ends up on your Facebook page, reads through a blog and finds it interesting it, he would share it on his account page as an update. This simply means that people on his contact list and on his “friends of friends” list would view it and a lot of them would share it further. This would obviously be an on-going chain and generate tremendous traffic for your Facebook page.
  • For example, how do we get to know about the best restaurant deals? In most cases, we see one of our contacts sharing his experiences along with a post from the brand page. We immediately hit the “like button” and visit the actual website of the company. This is how traffic builds and more people get aware of the brand and what it has to offer.
  • You cannot expect all the people using Facebook to visit your page directly. The awareness can be increased when people Download facebook videos for free, share your Facebook posts and images with other people. This is when more people would know about what you offer.
  1. Big sized images make the difference

When you view a big sized image, it proves to be more appealing than one with a smaller size. In case of images, size makes a lot of difference. This factor should be considered when you are posting images on the Facebook page. For instance, when you are posting product images, check the resolution and dimensions. However, posting big sized images does not mean that they should be blurred. Clarity is very important. If people are unable to view the images clearly, they would not make the effort to visit your page as well.


Marketing methods have changes and digital strategies are dominating things these days. As compared to other digital marketing methods, social media platforms offer more productivity. The simple reason is that immense people use them. For most people using Facebook is the start of the day.

  • Considering this habit, Facebook can be used as a strong platform for product promotion. However, some key aspects have to be considered in this relation. Your Facebook page should have a positive appearance and be equipped with quality content. Visual information gets quicker attention than written text. This is the reason by most brands regularly update their Facebook pages with pictures, banners and videos. Customers are more interested in going through visual content than reading text.
  • Providing the link of the company website is important. If a Facebook page is impressive, customers like to gain more information about a company and its products. This is when they look for the actual link. The best way is to present the link within a post. As soon the interest level of the visitor develops, he would surely visit your company page.
  • What kind of content should be available on the Facebook page? This is a key aspect which most brand owners do not know about. To start with, the content should be oozing with quality. People like to view fresh content every time so your Facebook page should have regular updates and posts. The goal is to capture the attention of the visitor and turn him into a buyer. Providing quality content is an integral step in this relation.

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