Is Tortillas Bad For Dogs

The world of dog nutrition is a busy one. With new dog foods coming out almost every day, it is hard to keep up. Even worse, many of these dog food brands are not trusted brands and may be lower quality.

Some of the newer brands are even targeting lower-income areas with their dog food which could be a disaster. Many of these low-quality foods may have poor protein sources and less nutritious fillers which can cause issues down the road.

With so many options, it is hard to tell what brand is good and what brand to avoid. This can also be said for treats! There are so many different treats coming out with different flavors and textures that it is hard to know which ones are good for your pup.

One treat that has come up in discussions quite a bit is tortillas.


Are tortillas bad for dogs?

Yes, tortillas are bad for dogs, especially puppies. Although it may seem harmless, crumbs can be a serious threat to a dog.

Although it is rare, dogs can get sick from eating gluten, which is found in wheat. Since tortillas are made of wheat, puppies cannot eat them until they are older and their immune systems are better developed.

Besides the potential gluten issue, the fat content in tortillas makes them a fattening food for dogs. They may enjoy the taste too much and want to eat it over their bowl of dog food. This could make them malnourished since they are not getting the right nutrients from the tortilla.

Overall, vets strongly advise against giving your puppy any human food unless approved by a vet. They know what is best for your pet and what foods could be dangerous.

Yes, tortillas are bad for dogs

is tortillas bad for dogs

Dogs love meat, and many dogs go crazy for chicken. As such, many pet owners believe that giving a dog a cooked chicken breast is fine.

However, when a chicken breast is dried and made into a chip shape, it becomes a tortilla. While not inherently bad for humans to eat, tortillas are not good for dogs.

Because of their grain content, tortillas contain gluten. For some dogs, this can cause gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea or stomach ulcers. For others, it may not have any effect.

The problem with gluten is that some dogs are allergic to it. If your dog develops symptoms like vomiting or diarrhea after eating a tortilla, then it would be best to stop giving them to them.

Fat content

is tortillas bad for dogs

While tortillas are made from wheat flour, they are also made from fat. The fat content in tortillas makes them unpalatable for dogs, especially because they do not need any additional fats in their diet.

Just like people, dogs need some dietary fat but too much can be bad. Too much fat can make a dog overweight and may lead to obesity, a health condition where a dog is overweight and has difficulty moving around and exercising.

Obesity can lead to other health issues like diabetes, decreased longevity, and even death. Because of this, most veterinarians encourage owners to keep the fat content low in a dog’s diet.

Too much meat can also lead to toxicity in the body which results in symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea. Since tortillas are made of meat paper, your dog may try to eat it which could result in stomach issues.


is tortillas bad for dogs

Most grocery store tortillas are made with wheat flour, oil, and salt. Sometimes beans or meat is added, as well. While these do not usually pose an issue for dogs, they can when they are embedded in the dough of the tortilla.

Since dogs use their nose to investigate things, even if there are no traces of scent on the tortilla, a dog can still pick up on the smell of it. If a dog is hungry enough, he or she may try to eat it regardless.

The biggest problem that can arise from tortillas in dogs is gastrointestinal issues. Gluten found in wheat flour can sometimes cause stomach problems such as diarrhea and constipation.

If your dog enjoys chewing on tortillas, it may be hard to detect gastrointestinal issues. It is important to watch your dog for signs of discomfort like vomiting or diarrhea to determine if the issue is related to the tortilla or something else your dog ate.

Bad ingredients

is tortillas bad for dogs

While tortillas are mostly made of wheat and/or maize, there are several bad ingredients that could be a problem for your dog.

If the tortillas are made with meat or cheese, then they are not purely vegetarian, which is not ideal for dogs. Although some dogs tolerate small amounts of meat and vegetables well, it is best to be safe.

Since dogs are typically omnivores, they may seek out and eat grass as part of their diet. Unfortunately, this does not work with tortillas since they do not have much nutritional value for a dog.

Chow hound dogs may try to eat tortillas if they do not taste like anything to them. Unfortunately, this may result in a bloated stomach or an upset stomach if the dog does not digest it well.

Why are tortillas bad for dogs?

is tortillas bad for dogs

Most of the time, when people mention tortillas, they are talking about the wheat flour wrap used for sandwiches or Mexican food. While these foods can be tasty for humans, they are not so tasty for dogs.

Tortillas contain wheat which is a common ingredient that causes allergic reactions in dogs. Even if your dog does not have a serious allergy to wheat, it can still make them feel sick.

Even small amounts of tortillas can make a dog sick depending on their sensitivity and how much of it they eat. Because tortillas are so thin, it only takes a small amount to hurt your dog.

The biggest problem with tortillas is that dogs tend to like the leftover scraps more than their food. When you have lunch or dinner, your dog may come and try to get some of what you have.

To prevent this, you could wrap up your food or put it away so that there is nothing left over for the dogs to get into.

Can dogs eat tortillas?

is tortillas bad for dogs

Yes, dogs can eat tortillas. However, you should make sure they are corn free and vegetarian tortillas. The main problem with tortillas is the wheat flour used to make them.

Tortillas are made from maize, a plant species belonging to the grass family. There is a protein in maize called gluten that causes issues for dogs.

Dogs do not have the digestive enzymes needed to break down gluten proteins. When dogs eat gluten, it can cause inflammation in their stomach and intestinal distress.

Although it is not recommended, if you give your dog a tortilla without anything on it and it eats it with no signs of GI upset then it is okay! Just don’t make them a sandwich filled with everything on it.

What should I use instead of tortillas?10) Check out our other blog posts

is tortillas bad for dogs

Luckily, there are many alternatives to tortillas. If you are trying to cut down on carbs, try using lettuce leaves instead of wraps!

They are also a great way to add some nutrition into your dog’s diet. For example, you can make a chicken breast sandwich on a lettuce leaf instead of a tortilla and add some keto butter or mayo.

Similar results will be achieved with rice paper rolls instead of tortillas. These are also vegan-friendly!

Heinz makes a baked bean sauce that tastes almost like hummus. You can use this as a replacement for quinoa in your dog’s meal.

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