Kashoo Review: AppSumo Lifetime Deal

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Kashoo Review: Kashoo is an online accounting solution for freelancers, small-business owners and independent entrepreneurs to manage taxes, audits and other accounting functions. The solution can also be accessed on mobile devices through an iOS app. The solution enables users to work in offline mode and sync data once an internet connection is established.

Kashoo lets business owners create financial reports with profit and loss statements, accounts receivable, balance sheets and many more. These reports can be used in making informed business decisions and preparing tax filings. The solution also offers a user dashboard that allows users to forecast data based on current numbers.

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Kashoo Appsumo

Kashoo Pricing

Kashoo costs $29.95 per month when billed monthly and $16.65 per month when billed annually.

Kashoo Features

Check out the list below of some of Kashoo’s features:

  • Track Income and Expenses
  • Track Sales and Sales Tax
  • Simple Reporting
  • Check Printing
  • Invoicing and Payments
  • Capturing and Organizing Receipts
  • Manage Bills
  • Multiple Currencies

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Kashoo Reviews

Pros: Clean, snappy interface; support for serious accounting (adjustments, transfers, trial balance, general ledger, supporting documents) over and above simple receipts and payments; cloud-based & browser-based so allows me access from anywhere and peace of mind regarding data security and backups. And I can share it all with my auditor sitting miles away at his Windoze PC so he doesn’t have to take up space in my home office, where I happily update Kashoo using my iMac 🙂

Cons: Maybe a tad more support for drag-and-drop would be nice as would the ability to open it in multiple windows so I can cross-check and tally stuff a bit easier than going backward and forward in the same browser window.

Overall: When I set up my business 5 years ago I knew I would need an easy-to-use accounting system. As an accountant myself I needed one with all the bells and whistles, and as a business owner I needed one that was easy to use from anywhere and fast and flexible. After experimenting with a number of unhappy options, I stumbled across Kashoo and it was love at first sight.


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