Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Written Update 12th July 2017 Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi: The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Dev and Sonakshi is trying to reach Nikki on phone. Jassi came there and informed them Neha and Riya’s arrival. Neha walks in and complains about her mother that she does not visit her often. Ishwari promises her visit them frequently as she wishes. Ishwari and Elena went to the kitchen and checked for food. Neha asks Ishwari to stop this household works as she has to go to office Neha hugs her brother when Dev and Sona walk down and complains about Dev that does not visit her.

Ishwari asks Dev to call Nikki and gets Sona with her. Dev gets the call this time but she did not attend. It seems that Nikki already reached Ishwari Niwas. Lakshaya asked her to attend the call. But she is in the thought that her brother asked him to not to come inside the house. Maami opens the door and welcomes Nikki in and the boy with her also to come in. Ishwari in joy goes fast to hug her daughter but she stopped once she saw Lakshaya with her. Maami asked Nikki who is the guy came with you. Dev replied that he is Nikki’s boyfriend and she lives with him.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke aisha bhi

Maami could not believe this and Nikki says this is true. Ishwari scolds her how dare she does such a big mistake. Nikki told them Lakhshya was the one who helped her when her family left her alone. Ishwari asked million dollar questions to the three sisters. Ishwari says that everyone has faults in that situation when there is not by himself when she lost Sona.

Ishwar does not listen to Dev and Sona and asked Nikki to leave their home as she chosen her own home. Nikki went away with Lakshay Dev and Sona follows them. Dev stops her sister outside and Sona says that she needs some more time to convince Ishwari. Nikki understands and says that she knows it is very difficult to convince Ma. Nikki tries forgiveness from Dev when she is not with him when he wanted. Dev promises her that he will convince Ma soon. Ishwari was disturbed by all this. Neha tries to understand her Ma and convince her that Nikki is right in a bit different way. Ishwari then reaches to Dev, Dev said that Ishwari itself said good about Lakshaya but when she came to know the relationship between Lakshya and Nikki why you are taking in different. He also gives an example that Ishwari and Sona were good friends before their relationship. Once she came to know about them she started hating Sona. He advised her not to do the same mistake this time.


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