Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Written Update 16th June 2017 Episode


The following is the written story update of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi of 16th June 2017 episode in which Dev accepts Sonakshi’s proposal and continued their romance in rainy weather.

Sona runs happily to see Dev. The neighbour stops her and asked where she is going. She replied nothing happened to her and she is in love with a tall handsome guy Dev. Neighbour says something happened to her and he gave her umbrella. Sona runs shouting Dev that she is coming to him.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke aisha bhi 16th june

Meantime Soha called Golu through phone and she said that she will pray for Dev to come back soon. Golu also said that he will pray for his BigCha. Mamaji said to Ishwari that Dev will bring Sona back to home soon. Ishwari also prayed for that. GKB decorated the house believing that Dev will bring Sona soon back to home.

Sona continued to walk in weather with sweet memories and she thinks coffee would be better for the climate. She is also sure that Dev must go for their famous Cafeteria. So she decides to take an auto. But the auto driver was sleeping. He asked to take another auto. She drives the auto and reached cafeteria. There she saw someone sitting on Dev’s seat. Then she suddenly heard Dev’s voice ordering coffee. She walks near to him and says sorry to him for everything. Coffee boy delivers coffee. She sits near him and had coffee that he ordered for him. Dev asked her how could she take it. She says when she took his heart, what is coffee. He says so cheesy dialogue. He asks her to sit and have coffee. She gets up. He scolds to sit. She thinks she should slip on him to gain his attention and slips. Coffee falls on a man and he yells why did he bring the mad lady here Dev apologises and asks Sona to go.

Dev gets on his bike to leave. Sona followed him and throw his bike keys. He says she has really gone mad. She says he stole her heart and now is going away, says she will not go from here until he accepts her love. She says she is the first person who will say sorry while proposing. She kneels down and apologises and shows ring. But Dev is still not convinced. She gets up. He holds her. She shows ring. He says he was holding the ring for so many years, but she took so much time. He asks will she tell those magical words. She says I love you. He hugs her happily and dances with her. Their romance continued and background music played.

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