Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Written Update 20th June 2017 Episode


The episode starts with Dev says Sona that he wants her close and give back his love which he did not in 7 years. Sona came closse to him and asks this close is enough. Then both were in romance and suddenly they got call at once. Sona says Ishwari maa called and Dev says it is Bejoy called.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke aisha bhi

Sona reaches Dev’s house. Elena happily hugs her and says she is happy for her. They chat. Elena says she hopes Vicky also changes. Sona says she is back now and they both will change everything here for good. At Bose house, Sourav says Asha what if Sona and Dev marry soon, he is very excited. Asha says they are already married. Daadi asks what problems she has, there will be lots of celebrations and happiness. Asha is very excited about her new sarees.

Dev comes. Bejoy greets him and says Sourav’s best friend came. Dev says Sourav is his brother-in-law and he came to meet his family here. Bejoy takes him for dinner. Ishwari and Sona continue chatting. She thanks for returning Dev to her and asks her to promise she will protect their relationship Sona promises. Iswhari says she is her daughter now and wants her to be her daughter forever.

Dev sees Sona working on her laptop and says he wants to talk to her a lot and spend some quality time. Sona says everyone is around. He came near her and helped in checking her mails. He sees Sona’s e-mails for him, reads one that she is pregnant and wants to share this news with Dev, but she cannot. He gets very emotional. Sona returns and says she was about to delete these mails. Dev says he wants to know what she went through in these 7 years and asks to forward all the mails to him, she will delete from laptop, but what about her heart. She says she missed him a lot and wrote only that in these mails. She says she was a different person and very emotionally then, these mails may hurt him. Dev insists. Sona says she will forward only if he shares his problems with her. dev says there is nothing which she does not know about him. She forwards all her mails.

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