Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 11th July 2017 Episode


Kumkum Bhagya: The episode of Kumkum Bhagya starts with Abhi noticing Pragya who is now Munni and starring at her with teary eyes. He remembers all the moments that they had spent a few days back. Abhi went to green room in between the performance. Purab follows him and asked Abhi why he is weird. He said that he saw Pragya here. Purab asks him that he couldn’t go in between the crowd. So he will go and check for Pragya.

Tanu and Aliya reached there. They split in directions. Purab looked for Pragya. He asked the security by showing the photograph whether she is in the crowd. The security said maybe but he doesn’t remember exactly. Purab sees Munni who is alike Pragya. Once he gets conscious Pragya walks away. Purab went out of the venue and look for Pragya.

Outside the venue, two terrorists are planning to kill the crowd by the human bomb. One is wearing the bomb and the other on is ready to close every backdoor of the venue to lock the people. At the backstage Karan and his girlfriend planned for a date. Karan tells that he has a date and he is leaving but Rishabh says he has to come on stage once Abhi’s performance is over. Karan says he will do it on some other day.

Kumkum Bhagya

There Abhi saw Munni and shouted Pragya. The crowd shouts Abhi and Pragya. Abhi jumps on the crowd and moves towards Munni. Abhi reaches Pragya the Human Bomb holds Pragya’s arm and pushes her. Abhi sees them and the terrorist removed his jacket and tells that people are going to die and it is the great terrorist attack.

Purab hears Abhi’s shouting and he saw dead guards. He calls Rishabh who arranged the concert about the situation. Rishabh informs the inspector andPurab informed the Commissioner. Rishabh tries to talk to them but they threaten him. Abhi asked Rishabh to step back and he will talk to them. Abhi asked them to think about children and women in the crowd. On hearing this Bobby said that he can’t do this but Bobby’s partner still reminding him about the mission but Bobby threw the bomb aside.

Bobby’s partner said that he will complete the mission. He went to take that jacket. Abhi kicks it. He takes a gun and tries to shoot the gun on Abhi. Meanwhile, Karan with his bat and ball hits the hands of the terrorist and the gun falls down Thereby he saved Abhi.

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