Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 16th June 2017 Episode


The following is the Kumkum Bhagya 16th June 2017 written episode update which ends with Nikhil and killer Damru entering Raghuveer Ji home for killing Abhi and Pragya who are staying there.

The episode starts with Abhi liking the Raghuveer’s place. Pragya asked about Raghuveer Ji’ s family and explained that Elder on is like her and the younger one is opposite to her. He gives the description of Pragya and Bulbul. Abhi asked about his wife. Raghuveer ji tells that he had taken wrong decision in his life and that’s why his wife is not with him. He asks Abhi not to take wrong decisions and not to take much time in making right decisions. Abhi said that he understood and asked Pragya about the food.

Kumkum Bhagya 16th June 2017 Written Update

Nikhil, Contract killer, Damru and others search for them and see many footsteps. Nikhil, Contract killer, Damru and others search for them and see many footsteps. They searched in each and every home. Then Raguveer enters the kitchen and asked about the food. Pragya says the food is ready and tells that her friend Abhi likes kheer. She asks him to taste it. Raghuveer ji asks if she knows everything about him. Pragya says she knows everything being his fan and secretary. But Raghuveer says you are not his fan or secretary you are in love with him and your eyes tell that. He also said that she ca marry him. Pragya said there are so many troubles in that.

Raghuveer says I am making him understand not to take much time to take right decision. Pragya thinks about Abhi. She went on dreams. Then Abhi thinks about Tanu and Pragya. She prefers Pragya over Tanu as she fulfil relations and sweet as he think. He thinks about Raghuveer ji’s words that this girl will never let you fall and asks him to marry Pragya and says I guarantee that you will have a happy life ahead. Abhi thinks with whom I shall marry Tanu or Pragya (still confused) and imagines Pragya.

Damru and the other goons knock on the door heavily and asks to open the door. He tells killer that nobody is inside. Killer asks him to use his strength to open the door. Pragya tells Raghuveer ji that goons are here and asks him not to open the door. Raghuveer ji says let him check.

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