Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 20th July Update


Kumkum Bhagya Written Update: The episode of Kumkum Bhagya starts with Sarla cooking the favourite dishes of Pragya. Sarla calls Dadi and asked her that she wants to talk to Pragya. Dadi said that she is sleeping. Sarla told her to inform Pragya to call her once she awake. Dasi asked Dadi why did she lie to Sarla and she is her Mom and has to know everything about Pragya. Dadi says that she is not strong to tell Sarla that her daughter Pragya is missing again.

Abhi comes to his room and waits for the message from her. He reminds all the sweet memories with her and started playing The Guitar. He thinks that his fans may get news through social media and it would help them to find her. Purab comes there and Abhi asked him whether he found Pragya. Purab said that they news spread in Social media and she will be found by today evening.

Kumkum Bhagya

Abhi has tears in his eyes and Purab asks him to be strong otherwise he will slap him. Abhi asks him to shut up and hug him so that he will be good. Aliya and Tanu are in the car and they are scared that Munni will run away. Tanu’s phone beeps and asks Aliya to check the message. It was Abhi tweeted that 10 lakh prize will be given who helps in finding his wife. Aliya says this is for she is waiting and they will appear as saviours in front of him. Aliya explains the plan to Tanu and she is happy about it.

There Abhi had a press conference in asking the people to find his wife Pragya. There Aliya and Pragya came with Munni in wheelchair unconscious. There Journalist asked Abhi that she is with her sister and ex-girlfriend. Aliya answers them that she had a tweet that Pragya is missing. Unfortunately, they saw her on the road who is trying to suicide by jumping in front of the truck.

Abhi asked the media to leave and asked Aliya and Tanu what they did to her. Purab asked to leave the media. Abhi asked them how could they get her home when they tried to kill her. Aliya said that if she wanted to kill her then she wouldn’t bring her here. Abhi asked her to stop the drama. Aliya said that she feels guilty in trying to kill her and when she came to know that Pragya is alive she has a hope to meet him. Aliya acts innocent and pleads him to believe her. But Abhi asked her to stop the drama and he won’t believe and forgive her again. He is sure that they have a game plan.

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