Long Haired Chihuahua Papillon Mix

All dog breeds are characterized by their fur, shape, or features of some sort. But one thing that sets many dogs apart is their unique coat. Some have long hair like grey wolves, others have shorter hair such as bichts or poodles, but none compare to the length of some pure-bred dogs!

Long haired dogs are sometimes referred to as “longhairs” or even “long hairs” due to the length of their coats. These types of dogs typically have soft, wavy, or curly hair that comes down their back, between their legs, and covers most of their body. This is particularly true for papillons, chow puppies, and other short coated dogs who grow longer hair as they mature.

Many people admire these dogs’ beautiful coats, while others find them intimidating because of the length! However, this article will discuss why having a long haired puppy is a great idea and what to expect throughout his/her life. You should also know how to take care of your new lovable longhair so you can keep it looking its best!

Disclaimer: The content in this article should not be used to determine whether or not it’s safe to adopt a specific breed. Only qualified professionals with knowledge about each individual breed should do so.


History of the chihuahua

long haired chihuahua papillon mix

The name “chihuahu” comes from the word Náhuatl, which means friend or companion. This is because these dogs were originally bred as companions for other animals such as horses.

The word “Chihuahua” was first used in 1895 to describe a dog with short hair that would sometimes pull its fur up when it barked. It was later re-named after the state of Mexico where there are many breeders!

Most people believe that the long haired version of the papillon originated in Europe but this isn’t true. They say that the longhaired coat was inspired by Asian breeds but again, this isn’t accurate.

It seems more likely that the longer hairs came from another canine species that lived alongside the Mexican wolf. When the wolves died out, humans kept some of their hybrids so they could breed them further. These puppies had longer coats than normal because they weren’t exposed to the sun very much due to being protected under blankets and woolen cloths.

History says that one breeder in Japan actually gave his golden boy a tail so he wouldn’t get lost while hunting rabbits!

Today, most people consider the long haired chihuahua to be part of the papillons but back then, few people knew what category they belonged to.

Long-haired chihuahuas

long haired chihuahua papillon mix

There are several different types of long haired dogs. Some have their hair that is easily combed or curlier, like in some fur coats! These are usually referred to as poodles. Others have very thick hair that takes longer to groom, which can be quite expensive if not done correctly.

These dogs are typically mixed breeds with lots of other characteristics such as short hairy legs, tall feet, and/or large rounded ears. Because they are mix breed dogs, it is difficult to tell what traits come from each parent. This sometimes causes people to give up because they do not know who contributed to the gene pool of the puppy.

However, there is something you should note about these puppies – most of them are socialized early on so when they grow older, they will understand basic commands and how to interact with other animals.

Interacting with new things can be tricky for some dogs, but this does not apply to long haired ones. They learn how to deal with excess hair at an early age and continue to develop this skill as they get older.

Papillon dogs

long haired chihuahua papillon mix

A papillon dog is not actually a pappion, which is confusing because people often refer to them as that! They are called “papillons” due to their long hair which some breeders believe makes them look like bibs or lap blankets.

The word “papillion” comes from French and means footstool or cushion. Some say this is an influence of how these breeds seem to sit on soft surfaces, but it also has to do with the way they were bred in France. In fact, there is no evidence to back up the claim that papillon fur looks like a blanket.

Most papillon coats come in shades of white, although color variations exist. The coat can be very thin and fluffy or thicker and more protective-looking. Because of the length and thickness of their hair, papillon dogs usually require frequent grooming to keep it looking its best.

Some owners choose to trimmer down their pooch’s locks, while others let it grow naturally. What matters most to individual pet parents is whether or not their pup enjoys being groomed! If you notice your puppy seems uncomfortable during the process, you may want to consider shorter hair types such as bulldog mixes, British shorthair, or other similar styles.

Mix of chihuahuas and papillon dogs

long haired chihuahua papillon mix

If you are looking for a low-key dog that does not demand too much attention, then look no further than your own home! Dogs that growl or bark often are not good choices unless you love such things.

Many people associate long hairdo’s with French bulldogs due to their similar looks. However, there is one breed that dons its hair longer than any other — the papillon dog!

These playful companions were bred in France over 100 years ago. Since then, they have spread across many different lines and variations. Some remain true to their original bloodlines while others do not.

What Is The Difference Between A Chihuahua And A Papillon?

Chihuahuas and papillons may share some similarities, but there lies an important difference between them. While both breeds are known for their short, fluffy coats, it is the length of the coat that differs.

A papillion has a longer, thicker fur which comes down almost his foot in length. This makes him feel warmer and more protected as he lounges around outside.

However, this extra thickness also means that his winter coat can get quite large which takes up space under his skin. This could be problematic if he is exposed to extreme temperatures or weather changes.

While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, most owners find this excessive fur to be annoying to groom and maintain.

Popular chihuahua and papillon breeds

long haired chihuahua papillon mix

As we mentioned earlier, there are two major types of dogs that have long hair-the Chihuahuas and the Papillons. Both of these dog breeds originated in Mexico and then spread across Europe and North America.

Chihuahuas were originally bred for their thin, lacy coats but people soon noticed how beautiful their longer fur was! Thus, many breeders started crossing them with other long haired dogs to create hybrids.

Papillons, on the other hand, got their name because they look like little paper pillows when they are still puppies. This is due to all the fluffy hairs around their mouth and nose.

However, as these dogs grow up, some of these hairs begin to fade and what happens next depends on whether the owner wants this or not. If you do want your puppy to lose his/her coat, here are some tips.

Facts about chihuahuas

long haired chihuahua papillon mix

All dogs come in three main colors, but not all dog breeds are recognized by their color alone. For example, most people recognize black or brown as an acceptable color for a canine, but some other shades are used to describe certain types of dogs.

Chihuahuas are often described as having “lick me” faces due to their long eyelashes that seem to always be hanging down. This is one of their more attractive features!

Another defining feature is their short hair which seems to never quite reach their feet in length. These puppies sometimes have trouble keeping warm so they need thick fur to keep themselves comfortable.

Something else you might notice if you look closely at your little chihuahua is how much activity he or she is doing. Your puppy will be moving around a lot, especially during sleep times. This could make it difficult to cover him up or show him off to potential owners because there would be no rest!

Overall though, chihuahuas are pretty low-key pets who love attention and want to connect with others. They are very friendly and playful and like to cuddle and snuggle.

Facts about papillon dogs

long haired chihuahua papillon mix

There are three main types of chihuahuas, including short haired, long haired and papillon. The term ‘papillion’ comes from the French word for ‘little pony’ and was first used to describe these longhaired chihuahuas.

Chihuahuas with long hair can develop dry skin due to their lengthy coat requiring frequent grooming. This also adds time to your daily schedule as you have to spend extra time taking care of them.

General tips: Use a soft brush that will not pull or hurt the dog’s hair when washing it. Never use a metal comb as this could injure the dog. Make sure to wash your hands after handling the dog to prevent any spread of hairs.

Dogs with longer coats may require special trims and/or shampoos to avoid matting.

What to look for when buying a chihuahua

long haired chihuahua papillon mix

When looking to adopt a dog, you should be very careful about what traits are important to you. Make sure your priorities can be more than just having a cute puppy, but also knowing if this pup is socialized with other dogs!

It is extremely difficult to train a dog who has never learned how to interact with others. If this isn’t something that is important to you, then go ahead and start looking at puppies!

Also make sure that the breeder or individual raising the animal is stable. Dogs are dependent beings, so they need consistency in their lives. Ownership may not be ideal if the person does not have any sort of schedule lined up.

There are many things that can be done to determine whether or not an individual is capable of being a good owner. You can visit them, talk to them, and see how they respond to questions.

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