Moong Dal, the super ingredient

Are you the type who experiments when it comes to food? Combining substances with flavor, searching for a healthy alternative from the norm can be rewarding for the body. Those looking for ways to reduce weight can also spice up their diet.

As surprising as it seems, moong dal is the super ingredient of Indian lentil. The protein-rich legume has many benefits and is added to a variety of Indian recipes. Fiber content from moong dal can help lower cholesterol and help keep blood pressure in check. Also containing high protein levels for vegetarians as they do not depend on animal-based sources.

Dishes ranging from main courses to snacks and stretches all the way to deserts. Recipes for flavorful and nutritious meals based on moong dal can be tried as listed here.

Interesting ways cooking with Moong dal


This is a north Indian snack. Well known as a breakfast option is easy to prepare. Start by soaking lentils in water overnight, make a paste and add spices like turmeric powder, cumin and chili powder, etc. Apply a scoop of the paste on a pan and shape them into crispy pancakes. Normally served with a cup of tea.


Tiny dried pakodis are prepared using split moong after soaking it overnight in water. Grind the dal into a fine paste and beat it to fluff it up. Make small sized portions, add some asafetida and keep them on a cloth. Let them dry in the sun after that seal them in a bag to avoid exposure to moisture.


Moong dal samosas contain moong dal, garam masala, chili powder, coriander powder, cumin seeds, and fennel seeds. Mix them together into a paste form and use them as filing for the samosa. To be served with a cup of tea.


Start by soaking the moong dal in water overnight. Make into a paste and take a separate pan, mix chilly powder, curry leaves, carrots, and a handful of peas. Mix the paste with the masala and prepare it in the same way while cooking idlis. Eno to be added if using an idli maker.


Referred to as a Moonglet, the moong dal omelette is a good addition as a breakfast dish as protein intake along with antioxidants is best consumed in the morning. Recommended for people undergoing weight-loss diets.

It packs all the goodness of a traditional omelet; tomatoes, onions, capsicum and green chilies. To prepare, soak the moong dal in water overnight, mix it into a paste and continue preparing traditionally. Add the paste to the pan along with the other omelet ingredients.

For people suffering from hypertension

The benefits of moong dal include a reduction in blood pressure as it is high in potassium. Potassium can also protect against irregular heartbeats and muscle cramping. The iron from the moong dal helps in proper blood flow and cell production. Not to mention improved digestion as well. Studies have shown how moong dal prevents the body from becoming anemic.

Easy recipes for people with hypertension

Kiwi Coconut soup

Black peppercorns, cumin seeds, coriander, and garlic to be added together in a pan, after fragrance transpires add onion and sauté, also turmeric powder and chili powder.

Now add the moong dal in the form of a paste with a little salt and allow it to cook. Once heated, switch off the stove and add chopped kiwis and mix them together. A few minutes later, add coconut cream and stir. Serve dish and add garnish and coriander if desired. The preparation should take around 30 minutes.

Shorba soup

Moong dal to be mixed with onions, ginger, salt, chili powder, and turmeric powder. Add 5 cups of water and boil for 15 minutes. Once the dal appears soft, blend it with the mixture and strain. Adjust the consistency of heat until sauté seeds splutter.

Before serving, add lemon juice and garnish if desired. Serve hot.

The course of preparation is about 40 minutes.

Spicy moong dal dishes for everyone

Moong dal ki goli

This dish is best enjoyed with Indian breads like naan or roti, moong dal shaped into fried dumplings in a flavorsome curry of spices.

Start by soaking moong dal in water overnight, grind dal into a paste and mix with garam masala, onions, garlic, salt, ginger and stir together. Mold the mixture into round shaped dumplings before adding it to a pan. Add oil and sauté until crispy.

Infuse more ingredients like tomatoes and green chili powder into the mix.

Once the gravy is done, add more fried dumplings and season with salt and garnish. This recipe should take about 40 minutes to prepare.

Dal bhari puri

Puris stuffed with moong dal mixture are ideal for lunch with a bowl of kheer. It can keep hunger cravings at bay and is a treat to relish with friends.

Start by soaking the moong dal for 15 minutes. Add salt to the flour and a smidge of water to make the dough soft enough. Dry roast coriander and saunf seeds in a separate pan. Then grind the seeds into a paste.

Drain the water from the moong dal mixture and add to the pan with the coriander and saunf. Further add ginger, red chilies, and salt to the mix and stir while cooking.

Get a kadhai, to heat the puris. Roll them nice and thin but not too thin as the stuffing should not come out. Immerse them into oil and fry. Serve and enjoy.

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