My Puppy Wont Stop Biting Me I Ve Tried Everything

As much as I would love to be able to tell you that your dog will never bite anyone, I can’t. Yes, some dogs are very aggressive towards other animals but even those sometimes are not aware of their own strength.

Some dogs are just born with scary tendencies.

I have spoken to many people who say they know what causes their dog to suddenly become violent, but nothing ever seems to work until something happens to make it happen.

So unfortunately, there is no definitive cause for when your dog decides to hurt someone so we really do not know why he/she does it.

But what we CAN do is teach your dog how to socialize and train it in different types of situations so that if anything were to set him off or anything could potentially upset him, then it would be better prepared.

That way, he would be more likely to control his anger.

However, before looking into possible reasons for aggression, make sure everything is okay! If you notice any changes in behavior, moods, activity levels, etc., take action immediately!

Does your puppy show signs of being nervous or uncomfortable around new things such as toys or cats? Does it try to get away when you walk down stairs together? These could be warning signs that it may need help finding its place in the world.

Make sure your dog isn’t starving

my puppy wont stop biting me i ve tried everything

Sometimes, even though your dog seems to be hungry, he or she may just need some rest after eating. If this is the case, try giving them both some sleep first before trying to get them to eat again.

If your dog has been bitten by his or her dog friend, they may not want anything to do with him or her for fear of being bit again. This can sometimes cause weight loss.

Make sure that your dog is not starving! Depending on what kind of food you give your dog, they should be able to pick up enough nutrition while sleeping.

Also make sure that their water container is full so that they are drinking properly.

Since puppies grow at such a fast rate it can easily seem like they are never going to stop growing. However, when dogs reach adulthood they slow down in growth. It may take months, but once their growth slows down they will stay that way.

Is your dog eating too much?

my puppy wont stop biting me i ve tried everything

Sometimes, even the most well-behaved dogs will decide they are hungry enough to eat more than what they should.

This can sometimes happen when food is not put away properly or left out long enough for it to get cold. Or perhaps their appetite has increased due to something like moving into a bigger home or giving birth.

Whatever the reason may be, if you notice that your dog is acting a little bit nervous or anxious as he eats, then chances are he has eaten some fat and protein which can cause an allergic reaction in him. This is called nutritional allergy.

Allergies usually occur because your dog’s body doesn’t recognize certain foods as “friendlies” or non-threatening. He might have allergies to chicken, beef, corn, carrots, or many other common foods.

If this sounds familiar, it’s time to do a food challenge with your dog. Try introducing one new type of food at a time so that we can identify what allergens he is sensitive to and how bad his symptoms actually are.

For example, if your dog gets sick every time he tastes meat, try having him taste the meat once a week until he learns that it makes him feel poorly and stops doing it. Then slowly add another kind of meat to see if he reacts to that one as well.

Is your dog drinking enough water?

my puppy wont stop biting me i ve tried everything

When dogs are not drinking adequate amounts of water, their skin can become dry and itchy. This is particularly true for hair-lacking breeds like bulldogs or pugs that need to drink more liquid to keep themselves warm.

This also happens when puppies start working off excess energy in growing muscles. Since puppies have lots of growth happening, they require more nutrients and water to function properly.

However, if your puppy is experiencing dry skin due to lack of hydration, you may be able to prevent stress related behaviors by changing his/her diet and/or adding some moisture via bath time.

Dogs do not sweat through their paws so having proper internal hydration is less important than humans but grooming can pull away loose fur which does contribute to cooling. Make sure your pooch is eating well and drinking enough water!

Something else to consider is whether your home is too hot for your dog. If possible, check to see if there’s any source of heat that could potentially hurt him/ her.

Change your position

my puppy wont stop biting me i ve tried everything

When your puppy is trying to get a good bite, change your position! If you are sitting down, stand up or lay down so she can’t reach you with her mouth.

This works because puppies develop their instinctual behaviors while they are young. By giving them something new, she may need more time to get the hang of it before repeating the behavior.

It also helps if you don’t make eye contact when she tries to lick your skin, as this could be misinterpreted as you wanting her to do that.

What should you do instead? Try scratching an itch or taking a shower, both of which will distract her from the uncomfortable situation.

Use a leash

my puppy wont stop biting me i ve tried everything

For some reason, your puppy just will not stop biting! If this is happening in public or at home where you can easily intervene, try using a leash.

A leash is very helpful when training your dog as it gives you complete control over him. You can use the leash to get him away from something he wants to bite (like a piece of food) or to take him somewhere more comfortable for you both.

You may also need to use a leash if your dog has never been trained before because his stubbornness could hurt someone else or yourself. There are many types of leashes that are different sized and style to match your needs.

Use a muzzle

For external bite situations, you can use a leash to prevent your dog from biting by using a muzzle. A soft leather or fabric mouthpiece is put in between their teeth and the person being bitten.

This kind of mouthpiece doesn’t hold back any of the dog’s teeth, it only covers the top canine tooth. This way, your dog isn’t able to clamp down with his jaw as hard because he has no space for them to go!

You also cannot see what your dog is thinking through the masking so if there is something making him uncomfortable like a sock, bone, or piece of clothing, this could be a cause for the behavior.

It may help to distract your dog away from the source of the discomfort before applying the muzzle so that he does not get extra stressed out.

Use anti-biting spray or cream

my puppy wont stop biting me i ve tried everything

When your dog bites for no reason, try using an anti-biting product to help reduce the cause. You can use toothpaste as an oral rinse, apply cream directly onto the bitten area, or use sprays that are designed to be rubbed into the skin.

These products contain chemicals such as lidocaine, which numb the biting spot so it doesn’t feel good enough to hurt your child anymore! Many parents say their kids like the relief they get from the sting of the antinauseant agent so they keep trying it.

It may also be helpful to distract the dog while he is chewing to make him stop looking for more target areas to bite.

If these methods don’t work, you will have to take action to prevent further harm to your pet. Hold her securely and firmly away from the injured area until she seems calm again. Then, take her home and see if this behavior repeats itself.

Hopefully one of these tips works for you and give yourself some time to process what happened before you bring your puppy in for a checkup.

Keep your dog away from you when it bites

my puppy wont stop biting me i ve tried everything

When your puppy nips or bites, try to distract it. If possible, walk away and keep walking until the dog is behind you!

If this doesn’t work, get close to the dog and push it as far away as you can. Don’t let it drag you along because it could trip you or pull out any needles that it has left there.

I know it may be hard to do at first but if you want to see lasting results, it must done immediately!

Don’t worry, most puppies grow up and learn how to socialize with other dogs so this will not happen too often.

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