Nisabdham Movie Review, Rating , Story – Child Abuse

Nisabdham Movie Review, Rating , Story - Child Abuse

Michael Arun director of the film Nisabdham, we appreciated him for tackling a powerful and bold concept of child abuse. The way he has addressed the aftermath of child abuse incident is very mature. Based on a true incident it honestly discusses the core plot without any commercial distraction. The film revolves around Aadhi (Ajay) and Aadhira (Abhinaya) a happily married middle-class couple living in Bangalore. Their only is their eight-year-old daughter Bhoomi (Baby Sathanya). Sathanya enjoyed her childish life with so many dreams. But it will spoiled when she was sexually abused and left grievously injured by a drunkard while she’s on her way to school.

Nisabdham Story: The lead actors Ajay and abhinaya are the key roles to the script, but their performance could have been more natural and intense.When they both expose their emotions after seeing their daughter in this awkward condition is melts our hearts.On the other hand, Baby Sathanya who has played the role of the victim of child abuse has pulled it off very well. She has scored well with just her emotions brilliantly many places.

Nisabdham Movie Review, Rating , Story - Child Abuse

Nisabdham Review: In this serious emotional drama, Shawn Jazeel background music adds more strength to this film.The lyrics od late Na.Muthukumar blend with the storyline extremely well and the song “Un Idhayathin Kural” is expressed the piece of motivation The remaining story belongs to how the couple brings back their daughter to normalcy and take steps to punish that perpetrator.

The technical team of the film is full of fresh talented person cinematography by S.J.Star are pleasing. Lawrence Kishore has edited the movie, and Angelin Davenci produces the film. This movie gave answers for many questions to the public regarding child abuse, their parents’ pressure and their support as a family to bringing up their children.

Nisabdham Rating: This movie score high rating from the audience .The film has rated from 3 to 3.5 out of 5 star by leading film reviewers.