Pit Shar Pei Mix Puppy

All dog breeds are not created equal! Some dogs are just better than others – they know what to do, they learn faster, they obey you more consistently, and they try harder when needed. These qualities make them much more efficient in doing their job which is to be your friend and help you enjoy life.

Some types of dogs have become so popular that there’s even an industry built around promoting these features and breeding more of them. They’re called “breed champions” or “feature-focused breeders” or something similar.

They exist mostly on word of mouth because people who believe in such dogs spread information about them. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of marketing, so this works for their growth!

Luckily, we can easily recognize a champion pooch when we see one, so if you want to contribute to the community that promotes certain breeds, here’s our top 5 favorite barkless dogs. (And no, it’s not the French bulldog.

History of the Pit Shar Pei Mix

pit shar pei mix puppy

The pit bull is an iconic dog breed that has been around for quite some time. They are known to be very loyal, protective dogs and have many admirers. However, not every pit bull is the same- there are two main types of pits!

The first type is what we refer to as the “American” or “Street” pit bull. These dogs were bred to fight other animals and thus require lots of exercise to remain calm and socialized.

This could possibly contribute to why they seem like fun naturals at learning new tricks. Unfortunately, this also makes them more likely to chase after things or people. Because of these traits, most experts agree that it is extremely difficult to teach this dog basic commands.

Another major drawback is that because street pits love to wrestle, puppies often get hurt developing their body strength. This can result in severe pain later on if you want to show the pup some affection!

The second type is the shar pei, which is typically less than one year old. Although still playful, these puppies are much easier to train due to their lower stress levels. Due to their sweet personality, most owners would say that their puppy learns faster too.

Since shar peas are born with a white coat, it is easy to tell when they are being quiet or shy. As such, these breeds are ideal candidates for beginners looking to work with a canine friend.

Differences between Pit Bulls and Pit Shar Pei Mixes

pit shar pei mix puppy

The term pit bull comes with many stereotypes that are very untrue! There is no set breed of dog that fits this description. A pit bull type dog is actually a specific mix of breeds, not just one pure-bred animal.

A pit bull type dog has lots of features in common with other dogs of different breeds that have been mixed together to create them. These similarities include having low tolerance for social separation, strong guarding tendencies, and an instinctual desire to chase or grab things.

It is important to know the true nature of these characteristics before labeling any dog as being dangerous or unstable. In fact, some people use the name “pit bull” as a way to market their own puppy.

What to look for when choosing your puppy

pit shar pei mix puppy

When looking into potential pets, one of the most important things is knowing what types of dogs are healthy. This will play an integral part in determining if this dog is right for you!

Many people begin thinking about finding their perfect dog by buying all sorts of different products and services. Many claim they have the best product or service, but few actually live up to their claims. It is very easy to make false promises and keep them secret unless someone gets exposed to them.

That is why it is so crucial to do some research before investing in any type of pet. Find out as much information as possible through vendors that are reputable. Look at several pictures and talk to others who own these dogs to see how well trained and socialized they are.

In this article we will discuss what sort of habits are necessary for a successful pit bull breed dog.

Careful supervision is needed when owning a puppy

pit shar pei mix puppy

As we mentioned before, puppies need socialization to learn how to be good members of society.

Pit bulls are one of the most popular dog breeds in America, which makes it very easy for owners to give their dogs a bad name. Many people believe that all pit bulls are dangerous or even violent, so they avoid them as much as possible.

Fortunately, this isn’t always the case!

Owners who really know their breed understand what behaviors indicate a healthy pit bull and which ones are signs of potential problems. If you are looking to adopt a pup, you should do your research first to make sure he or she will be the right fit for you!

Sadly, some irresponsible owners never get the chance to fix the problem because their dogs are either hit by cars or attacked by other animals. On top of that, many homeless shelters won’t allow pits into the facility due to safety concerns.

Know your home environment

pit shar pei mix puppy

When looking to adopt, make sure you are aware of your surroundings and what types of environments your dog will need. If you notice things about a shelter or potential new homes that seem off, do not buy them!

Shelters can be very distracting for would-be owners. Many people visit with hopes of finding their perfect match and leaving feeling happy. While it is great to see animals being loved and cared for, this sometimes has an unexpected cost.

More often than not, these relationships don’t work out due to differences in personality or situations. This is totally normal and something every pooch owner must learn to live with.

When visiting shelters, there should always be a conversation about whether or not the person is willing to train your dog and give him or her enough time to show signs of belonging. You also want to check if they have any health issues or preexisting conditions like heart diseases or diabetes.

A lot of dogs end up getting put down after being adopted, so while it may feel good, it isn’t necessarily the best thing for yours or the other pet.

Make sure the house is puppy-proof

pit shar pei mix puppy

Even though they are mostly known for their sweet personality, some Pit Bulls can be very territorial and protective of their space. This could mean protecting your home or property from being invaded or protected by their dogs next door.

If you notice signs like these in your dog, make sure to start taking extra precautions immediately!

It’s important to note that while most Pit Bull types are not inherently dangerous, there are many individual differences within this breed. Some individuals may develop aggressive behaviors due to past experiences or current life situations, making them more likely to attack.

Luckily, this can usually be identified early and managed appropriately. If you ever feel threatened by your dog, call the police immediately.

Trim their nails

pit shar pei mix puppy

While some people consider nail-biting to be cute, this can actually hurt your pet or even cause them serious health issues. Your puppy’s nails grow throughout a three stage process that includes:\

Prelambient phase – The first 1/2 inch of the nail is called the embryonic phase. During this time, the dog forms a layer of hard tissue at the base of the nail. This is what will become the bed of the nail.\

Nuclear phase– Next, the nail grows rapidly for about one week, during which time it thickens slightly and gets longer. This is the length you would see a normal human fingernail get before they cut it off.\

Terminal phase– Then, up until around two weeks after the nuclear phase, the nail slows down in growth. It stays thin and flimsy until the next stage of development.

During these last 2 weeks of the terminal phase, the nail goes through its transformation into an actual functional nail. At this point, the surface layers peel away and are replaced with a soft protective layer.

The reason puppies struggle with the terminal phase is because their owners often pull on the nail, removing the protective layer. This could lead to lacerations or infection if there is no skin left over to protect the wound. Beyond hurting the pup, this also weakens the nail as it heals, making it more likely to break later on.

Teach them some basic house rules


Before you let your puppy out to go for a walk, make sure he has a good lesson with his parents about being housetrained. This is also a great time to tell him where you will be walking and when so he does not get lost!

Once he is fully trained, try taking him for short walks around the neighborhood or outside the home for a few minutes every hour. Make sure he goes in a car (not train) seat as this can be done later if needed.

House training should be done at least once per day, if not twice! If you notice that the dog is going number one or wants to go number two, take him immediately back inside so he can go in a more private place. With repeated exposure, your pup will learn how to control his bladder and bowel muscles!

Another important factor in housetraining is timing. For example, if your puppy needs to go out during dinner time, have a bathroom available until then. Once dinner is finished, take him right away!

Hopefully your little pooch will give you many years of happy fun experiences together! But if things get too busy, there are rescue groups all over the country that can help you find your missing link.

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