PitchGround Deal: Virusdie Lifetime Deal for $49

PitchGround Virusdie

PitchGround Virusdie: This is a Black Friday week and there is a big deal on online software tools which will be very useful for Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and Bloggers. Nowadays there are cyber threats everywhere and protecting your website from Malware attacks is extremely important.

Data theft is increasing and it is important to protect your website is having a rock-solid anti-malware solution installed in your system. For that PitchGround offers a tool Virusdie which is the antivirus suite you need to protect your online business and websites. With Virusdie you can protect your website and online business which provides comprehensive website security to all your clients.

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PitchGround Virusdie

As the Internet is reaching everywhere, Hackers are becoming Intelligent. Malware attacks are increasing day by day and even one powerful attack could prove fatal to your business and could cause you hundreds to thousands to even millions of dollars in data loss.

Virusdie Features

Virusdie has taken advanced, professional-grade site security tools and made them simple, intuitive, automatic and cloud-based. The main features of Virusdie are

  1. A User-Friendly Interface – Every screen of the user interface is clear and intuitive. You won’t find yourself asking for help to use it.
  2. Single-Use Dashboard – All your websites, all your hosting services, and all the security tools you need are in one cloud dashboard.
  3. Save Hours Every Year

Virusdie Automatically cleans up malware infections, fix vulnerabilities, and protect websites from online threats, XSS attacks, SQL injections, and suspicious activity.

Solutions Using Virusdie

  1. Antivirus and Firewall – Virusdie helps to Remove Malware with 1 Click. It has a Malware scan & cleaning panel with which we can detect if the website is infected or not. Virusdie cleans infected files automatically when it detects them. It also provides Detailed malware scan & removal reports.
  2. Blacklist Monitoring and URL Scanning – It helps you to see when a website has been blacklisted and helps you un-blacklist sites easily. It also scans Website Pages.
  3. File Editor and Manager – Virusdie helps to Analyze and Edit Files. It also helps to Navigate Files Easily.

Buy PitchGround Virusdie Lifetime Deal for $49!

Virusdie Pricing

Virusdie can be used by everyone who owns a website and runs an online business such as freelancers, security experts, agencies, online marketplaces, corporates. Also, web hosts and service providers can clean and protect their clients’ websites using Virusdie. The actual price of Virusdie is $588 per year and Pitchground is providing a lifetime offer for $49 on this Black Friday 2019.

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