PM Narendra Modi Movie Review

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Well, looking out for contrast in this film is like searching for a needle in a stack. From the beginning to the end, the story has different dimensions.

At the beginning of the plot, the movie gives us a small glimpse of Narendra Modi as a ‘good child’, who helps his father in selling chai wearing a jerkin and saying ‘sab ki chai, Modi ki chai’.

PM Narendra Modi Movie

Modi sets out in search of his precise vocation and encompasses sanyas against his parents’ wishes. He was advised by a rigorous who meditates on the mountain cliff with him and suggest him to go back to the people and serve them.

After this, he soon joins RSS and cruises himself towards the Chief Minister’s seat. But as he joins the party communal riots started occurring in his state. With every milestone in his career, the man was successful enough to become the Prime Minister of the nation by beating the Congress family who was having their good hands in politics.

Speaking out about the performances, the makeup artists and the team has done very well to do some magic with Vivek when it comes to his looks. But coming to the enacting the actor has shuffled a few time in some scenes. The cinematography of the film is average, on the other hand, editing was not that much great it could be sharper, and its music is just passable.

The story of a movie is shown to be a hagiography instead of an inspiring man story.

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