Relay That Review: Appsumo Lifetime Deal

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Relay That Review: RelayThat excels at creating quick and easy on-brand graphics. It’s all about templates, rather than moving things around pixel by pixel. You give it your colours, some images and text and choose the template that fits your desired use. There are built-in templates for social media, video thumbnails, blog posts headers, ads and more.

I would create a blog post. Then I would create some nice cover art with Affinity Designer that matches the dimensions of my featured images. Then I would create a version for Instagram, then Pinterest, and then if I included a video, a YouTube version. Let’s then add on quote graphics and other “art” to help boost social engagement.

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Relay That Review

Relay That Features

  • 350,000 photos, icons and backgrounds, 100% copyright-free
  • The ability to remix & resize any layout to create in the click of a button to resize for social media (Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube cover, etc.), your blog images (featured images, banner ads, etc.), digital device mockups, infographics, collages, etc.
  • The ability to put your brand colors, logos, and images into a “brand bucket” that populates thousands of Smart Layouts for you to use, resize, and “remix.”
  • A drag and drop interface that automatically aligns everything pixel- perfect.

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Relay That Review:

Pros: I love that I can instantly create images for posting to my social media accounts. This program takes away the hassle of having to learn how to create eye-catching designs, with hundreds of templates that I can choose to use.

I can save these templates and reuse them whenever I want.

The best part though, is that if I’m running a campaign, I have a level of consistency that my clients come to trust, because every post is consistent!

I love that I can pick from a huge bank of images, fonts and styles.

Cons: I can’t give the images a name before saving them. This costs me about ten seconds of finding and renaming, per image. It would be great if RelayThat could correct this.

Sometimes, I’d like a little more choice in where things go inside my posts.

Overall: RelayThat is a must have for anyone who markets on social media or runs a website. This program will save you hours (I mean it) by preparing templates for your posts and ways of reusing these templates whenever you want to. Hands down, this product has already yielded a massive ROI for me…and I’ve been using it less than a year. Thank you, RelayThat!

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