ShortPixel Review: Appsumo Lifetime Deal

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ShortPixel Review: Keeping your website’s performance in top shape is one of the keys to its success. This includes optimizing your images so they aren’t a drain on your site’s resources. However, it can be hard to choose among the top tools for doing so – such as deciding between Imagify vs WP Smush vs ShortPixel vs Optimole.

Images are key to nearly every website. They enhance your site’s appearance, can be used to show off your products or work, and a whole lot more. However, the more images you have on your site, the more work a visitor’s browser has to do in order to load its pages.

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ShortPixel Review

  • Bulk compress all your images with a single click.
  • Optimize images outside of the media library, such as those added via other plugins.
  • Compress JPEG, PNG, GIF, WebP, and PDF files, either in a lossy or lossless format.
  • Automatically resize images to set dimensions before they are optimized.


ShortPixel does not lack the features that make them one of the best when it comes to image compression. The vast array of options they offer makes it easier to set up your images faster and more efficiently.


ShortPixel supports formats outside of JPEG. It can compress PNG, GIF, WebP, and even PDF files. It can even automatically convert PNG files into JPEG files as you upload. There is an option to convert PNG files with transparent backgrounds.

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ShortPixel Features

All the ShortPixel plugin features are included with their FREE plan. The only difference between the free and professional plans are the number of images you can optimize.

The free plan limits you to 100 images/mo., while there are multiple paid plans to choose from.

Image Compression Statistics

ShortPixel dedicates an entire page to your image compression stats. The following information is available from within your WordPress admin area:

  • Average compression of all images
  • Total disk space saved
  • Estimated bandwidth saved
  • Total number of processed files
  • Total size of your backup folder

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