Skycoin (SKY) Predictions: How to Buy Skycoin?

Skycoin (SKY)

Skycoin (SKY): Cryptocurrency is at the revolution in today’s world. First generation cryptocurrencies play the major role such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. These coins went peak earlier but later it gradually falls down. But these two days, they are increasing slowly and hope Bitcoin will attain maximum for this New year 2018.

It seems to be good in advancements being made with the use of technology. Skycoin is the upcoming currency which it seemed to be the third generation cryptocurrency. Skycoin has been in development for years and the results of their work are very ambitious. Bitcoin is most established cryptocurrency which grows day by day as the resources are ready to invest on. Thus increases the demand.

Skycoin (SKY)

SkyCoin is now coming up with a new concept built around a new algorithm created from scratch called Obelisk. The obelisk was designed to achieve a true decentralization-based consensus approach. It will be the new platform devoid of mining altogether, making it impossible for people with more resources to hold the future currency hostage with their moves.  

How to Buy Skycoin?

Skycoin (SKY) is available in the C2CX and Cryptopia. To buy Skycoin first signup in those mentioned exchange sites and transfer the money from your bank account. Then you can purchase the Skycoin through it. Soon SKY will be available on the Binance which the exchange much easier.

Different Skycoin

The different aspects of Skycoin and its development are:

1. SkyCoin
2. SkyWire aka the new internet
3. Skyledger
4. App Ecosystem
5. Hardware platform

The company is going to launch a new mobile wallet, new logo, and site revamp to show its resolve for improving itself soon. Other projects like a coding rewrite, cluster management, and a quicker SkyCoin Wallet and exchange federation protocol are also in the works which will be launched soon.

Skycoin (SKY) Future Predictions

Skycoin is becoming trending cryptocurrency which increases day by day in this month from $19.00 to $42.00. Hope it will soon skyrocket by the year 2018-2019 to $800.00. Follow Skycoin (SKY) Live Chart on the coin market cap to know the present price.  Right now Skycoin (SKY) will be better to invest on as the resources are strong as the team Skycoin will be inspiring future of the Blockchain.

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