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3 mins read Review :That’s a saying we all believe in and yet, for some reason, don’t put into practice when it comes to cold outreach.It’s almost like we enjoy spending days searching for leads, sending cold emails, and crying at our desk.But if you’re looking for a better way to do your outreach, look no further than you hate manually sending emails and follow-ups, then boy are you going to love an intuitive drag-and-drop email campaign builder, you can create custom campaigns equipped with triggers and multiple follow-up scenarios in a matter of minutes.

You’ll be able to set timers and delays as well as triggers based on recipient’s behavior like whether they opened or clicked on an email.Once these campaigns are set up, all you’ll have to do is sit back and relax (I mean, work on other important stuff) while your leads turn into conversions.On top of your campaigns being automated, everything will be tracked.You can see real-time statistics and track key metrics in a snazzy dashboard. This knowledge will help you determine who you need to double down on and which campaigns you can improve.

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Building prospect email lists with

Let’s take an example of trying to find prospects and their respective emails off LinkedIn. quickly helps grab your prospects’ email addresses right off their LinkedIn profile.
The way the workflow for is:

  • Deploy your search criteria on LinkedIn and find a list of prospects on Linkedin or visit a specific person’s profile.
  • Click on’s Chrome extension
  • will display names of people on the list that’s showing on the page you are on. Or, it’ll show you the name of that single person’s profile page you are on now.
  • Select the name (checkbox), select a list, and click on “save selected”. Then, click on “Go to List”. A new tab opens with showing you all the information about that person (or the specific people you choose from that list).

Get Lifetime Deal Snovio for $49! Pricing and Plans offers excellent plans and pricing for the customer and it is available for monthly and annually. Annual plans are cheaper compared to the monthly plans. Depending on your need and size of your company, you can select any of the below plans. Review


Huge Database, User Friendly UI, All-in-one Lead Generation tool, Keep adding feature, forward pace team, Fair credit usage policy & pricing


The only con I came across is its slow compare to to other tool. Takes more time to verify email.

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