The Steve Madden x Urban Outfitters Capsule Collection Includes Your ‘90s Slinky Platform Sandals With A Twist

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There are so many trends in the fashion industry that point to the ‘90s making a style comeback. Between crop tops, scrunchies, and the Steve Madden x Urban Outfitters ‘90s capsule collection that recently launched (offers shoe sizes five through 10), it’s clear that the decade of Nirvana, flannel, and Spice Girl-high platform shoes aren’t going away anytime soon.

“Since the very beginning, it’s been all about platforms for us,” Founder Steve Madden said in the press release. “We figured now was the perfect time to re-invent these styles in a fun and exciting way and there wasn’t a better partner than Urban Outfitters.”

Slinky Platform Sandals

The pink pair of Scrunchie platforms are the only shoes in this style with a base that’s the the same shade as the top. If shoppers are fearful of the height of these, the Scrunchie sandals have a heel height of 2.25 inches and a platform height 1.5 inches.

These bright orange pair of thong platform sandals are ideal for a vacation to the tropics or anywhere they wont get dirty, really. However, if these sandals run their course through a little dirt, Urban recommends a spot clean treatment for cleanup.

There are plenty of things to love about crisp, cool weather during the fall and winter months: changing leaves, the ability to enjoy a warm drink again, rich face creams(oh, how I missed you), staying in all the time, watching tons of movies, and of course (and perhaps most importantly), being able to bundle up and finally wear all your favorite sweaters.

Nostalgia is a powerful thing, and this up-to-date version of a ’90s style shoe just goes to show that fashionistas aren’t quite ready to let this decade’s trends disappear just yet.

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