Tips to promote a Green business for sustainable development and how green tourism will be key for Kerala

Since the industrial revolution mankind has been exploiting earth’s resources faster than it can reinstate. This has taken a heavy toll on our environment mainly because of the manner in which production has been carried out throughout these years. It is imperative that we strike the right balance between development and preserving resources for the future generations.

Green business is an innovative concept which looks to promote carrying out business in a sustainable manner. This applies to small scale as well as large businesses. Major institutions in all streams should also take a lead in promoting sustainability. AFC Ajax’s sustainable arena project is a huge step in that direction. Other leading global corporations and influential sporting franchises should also follow suit to spread awareness about environment protection.

Here are a few tips on how small green businesses can promote their brand.

Appeal to your customers’ conscience

Environment degradation is becoming a huge concern since the turn of the twentieth century. Millennials are very much worried about the world they will be leaving behind for the coming generations. They are aware of the impact industries of all sizes are having on the environment and would welcome a change in the conventional methods of production and running business. And the support for the new Green Deal in America is an evidence of that.

Thus even a small business hoping to run sustainably can thrive if it has the right PR team which can effectively tell their story to the potential customers. Small things like your corporation’s name, its trademark, and tagline can help convey the message of sustainability. If environment protection is one of your core values then you can easily attract customers who care about the environment.

Make sure that your main focus is on the customer

In any business it is very important that you cater to the needs of your customers. If they are not satisfied with the product there is no point in having a green business. This is especially true for small business and they must make sure that the quality of their products is not compromised while striving for sustainability. It is very important to strike the right balance.

Your green business should not seem like a farce

The modern consumers are very aware and can’t be fooled to believe whatever you want them to believe. Therefore just saying that you hope to protect the environment while running a business is not going to create a loyal customer base.

You need to be convincing about why you are striving towards building a green business. There should be a strong purpose behind your plan. Telling them personal experiences about the havoc environment damage can cause can go a long way in convincing your customers.

Green tourism in Kerala

Dr Harold Goodwin, who is an internationally accredited tourism expert, recently said that if Kerala follows the green tourism footprint going forward it can easily meet the UNs Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Kerala has started using various alternative energy resources such as solar energy to overcome the troubles caused by carbon emission. Other than that they are engaging in very good management of water resources, and are also promoting horticulture to maintain the fertility of the land for a long time.

These efforts will surely reap fruits in the coming future. The effect of that will be that other parts of India will also start taking sustainable development more seriously.

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