TrackMySubs Review : Appsumo Lifetime Deal

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TrackMySubs Review: Over the years, that’s going to save your business a fortune, but how do you know whether the software will be worth the money? Appsumo offer a 60 day return, full refund, no questions ask, so you can try the software out, and if you don’t like it, just return it. I’ve done this loads, because it makes sense to buy software whilst it’s cheap if I can still get it refunded easily if it turns out to be less useful than I’d hoped.

Lifetime access to track my subs is the current offer that I’m using and I love it. It’s only $15 and to be honest, it’s one of those apps that I bought on a whim, because it was cheap, lifetime access, and figured I could return next month if I don’t like it. I read the description and wasn’t sure how useful it would be, but I’ve done a complete 180 on that.

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TrackMySubs Review

TrackMySubs Features

  • Manage your subscriptions easily with color-coded graphs, a neat folder and tag system, and an organized calendar
  • Get customizable automatic alerts before your subscription payments are due
  • Go beyond subscriptions with tracking for trials, lifetime deals, and revenue & cashflow

Lifetime Deals

See the value of your lifetime deals

See them all in one place.

See how much you’ve saved from your smart buying.

Buy Track My Subs Lifetime Deal for Free!


Never miss a refund deadline

Set an alert to be reminded in time to get your money back on that deal you don’t want to keep.


Connect to your favourite apps with Zapier

Add or edit subscriptions dynamically.

Share subscription information with your other tools.

See alerts in Slack, Pushover or any other app you choose.

Visualise your subscription payments in an easy calendar view.

Filter your view by folder or payment method to see when those charges are going to happen.

Know when your payments are due

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