Tsunami blew away Gandhi Aandhi

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Democracy has its beauty, different viewpoints, are an essential beauty of it and the election is the best example of it. New appellations for the opponents by the political parties have been immersed such as Kutta-Billi, Naamdar-Kaamdar, Chowkidar Chor Hai, Duryodhan etc.

Gandhi Aandhi

Rahul was simply adhering to the rules of the game and raising relevant issues like farmers’ distress, unemployment, discontent among small traders, etc or making off offers like NYAY. Due to which he was not able to read the nation’s changing mood. On the other hand, Modi kept on changing its goalposts throughout his campaign. In simple words its a victory of tactics over the straight forward attack.

It’s the victory over a young challenger by the vote of the youth by a seasonal veteran. The new generation of new India has spoken the truth through their voting by voting for the current heroes. Important for competitors to think about the Indian voters in line with the International atmosphere because a narrow-minded view of religion is getting replaced with the brotherhood. We all know Modi and Rahul are passing phases of Indian Politics but the voting of Indian youth is changing.

In the end, one gets the feeling of desolation. So much racket and anger of an approaching storm, there is no enlightenment at the end of the tube. We are back to the same watch with the same old structure for the next five years and have to wait and observe for the next five years to know whether no change is a change for the prosperity of the country.

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