Weblium Review: Appsumo Lifetime Deal

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Weblium Review ;Weblium is a service that’s still developing, with all the good and bad that implies. It’s cheap, has a great AI-driven tool and its devs are open to suggestion. On the other hand, not everything you’d like to be there is and it feels a bit unfinished. Read our full Weblium review for the details.

It’s bad because you don’t get all the features you’d get with a behemoth such as Wix. If you want the all-inclusive package and you’re not on a budget, check out our Wix review. It’s good that Weblium’s features aren’t fleshed out because the software will evolve with you. You can suggest features for the developers to implement and be part of the service’s growth.

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Weblium Review

Weblium Features

Check out the list below of some of Weblium’s features:

  • Designer-Made Templates
  • Personal Mailbox
  • Do-It-Yourself Website Editor
  • Do-It-For-Me Option (Pro, Agency)
  • Cloud Hosting, Free Domain (Pro, Agency)
  • SEO and Marketing Tools (Pro, Agency)
  • Custom Branding (Pro, Agency)

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Weblium Store

Weblium’s ecommerce functionality is limited. If selling online is something you want, steer clear. You can create product pages and upload catalogs, but only in certain templates. Even then, you can’t sell anything online. Your visitors just place orders with forms and you fulfill them by other means.

Weblium Review

Pros: The tool works best for rapid idea validation. We wanted to test a landing page with an offer targeted at a particular group of people. With Weblium, I created a complete page in just 40 minutes, and it looks really nice, especially given the fact I’m far from being called a designer. The same landing page would normally need at least a couple of days and a reliable designer who won’t miss the deadline.

Cons: I’d allow a bit more customization inside the blocks as sometimes you really have to change the order of elements to draw the attention to one of them. However, due to the simplicity, it is a lot harder to mess up the layout.

Overall: With this tool I wasn’t afraid to spoil something as 90% has already been down for me. Plus, I loved the sample content in website templates. It speeds up website creation as you don’t have to spend ages thinking what text to write or what image to add.

  • Ease of Use
  • 2. Features Set and Flexibility
  • 3. Designs
  • 4. Customer Support
  • 5. Pricing
  • 6. Pros and Cons
  • Bottom Line

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