Why Does My Cat Lick The Wall?

Licking the wall is a weird habit that cats have. Most cats lick the walls for two reasons-because they want to clean the walls, or because they want to mark the wall as theirs.

Cats have a strong sense of territory. They feel like they own their home and everything in it, including the walls!

They like to groom and scratch things they consider part of their territory. By licking and scratching the wall, your cat is telling it “I own you so I’m going to keep you clean and safe.”

The problem with this is that most cats only lick one particular wall. So, you end up with one weirdly licked wall while the others remain untouched. Weird!

There are several ways to stop your cat from licking the walls. This article will discuss some ways to do so.


why does my cat lick the wall

Licking the wall may be your kitty’s way of asking for attention. If your cat is walking around the house and notices the wall, he or she will lick it to get your attention.

Kittens are very dependent on their mothers and other family members for care. A lot of this has to do with their motor skills being less developed.

They need constant attention to feel secure and safe, which is why they play hard to get. When they play hard to get, it’s because they want you to chase them so you will pay attention to them.

Once they feel like they have your attention, then they can relax and calm down. This applies to both cats and kittens!

If your cat is licking the wall every time he or she sees it, try taking a few steps back and see if they stop licking it.

They taste things

why does my cat lick the wall

Although it may seem like your cat is simply tasting the wall, they’re actually tasting whatever might have stuck to the wall.

If your cat licks the wall after they use the litter box, they’re probably trying to taste their urine as they spread it across the wall.

According to WebMD, cats have tastebuds on their tongues and coats of fur around their mouths that help them detect flavors.

They cite fish as a favorite taste for cats, so perhaps that’s why it seems like they like the smell of litter so much. It’s also why your cat might try to lick off the paint or wallpaper when there’s a scent on it.

They are marking their territory

why does my cat lick the wall

Cats will lick surfaces for a variety of reasons, but one reason they do it more than others is to mark their territory.

They will do this by licking surfaces or by spraying urine on surfaces. They will also wash their paws in urine to leave a scent on the surface as a marker.

Surfaces can be walls, floors, or furniture where they would normally pee. When you see your cat licking the wall, they are trying to leave a scent on the surface.

It can be very annoying and hard to get rid of the smell, but you can use some natural solutions to help purge the smell. Or you can just give them a new surface to lick!

This may be harder if the texture of the wall changes due to their continued licking. Hopefully your cat does not cause too much damage due to this behavior.

It feels good

The obvious reason cats lick walls is because it feels good. Sometimes they lick the walls when you’re not looking, so you have to be careful.

Sometimes they do it in front of you, so then you can stop them. But if they really feel the need to do it, then there’s probably no stopping them.

They might enjoy the texture of the wall or find some chemical in the wall that tastes good. It could also be a behavioral habit that’s hard to break.

Some cats may have learned this behavior from their mothers while they were still kittens. They may have started licking walls at a certain time and realized that it felt good, so they kept doing it.

In general, cats like things that feel good to them. This is why they love soft blankets and jumping on hard surfaces — because it feels good to them. Wall licking could be one more way for them to feel good.

It’s a sign of a urinary tract infection

why does my cat lick the wall

If your kitty is licking the wall, then there’s a good chance it’s due to a urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infections in cats are pretty common, especially in male cats.

Urine contains chemicals that are irritating to the cat’s body. If Kitty licks the walls, then it is probably because it tastes bad to him or her.

When a cat licks the walls, it may be trying to rid its body of these chemicals. It may also be trying to get some relief from a burning sensation that comes with a UTI.

UTIs in cats are usually easy to treat, so if you think your kitty has one, take him or her to the vet! They will give your furry friend the care they need.

They’re hungry

why does my cat lick the wall

Although it is a cute thought, your cat does not lick the wall because he’s hungry. If your cat is licking his or her body, they are trying to clean themselves.

If a cat licks its fur, it means that it feels uncomfortable or insecure. In this case, it may be due to an allergic reaction or because it feels threatened.

Changing the environment can help with this. For example, if the cat is insecure because of a new pet, try getting a another box for them to play in and play with toys with them.

Alternatively, you can get another litter box if they do not like the current one. Changing the texture of the litter may help as well.

Cats like the smell of certain walls

why does my cat lick the wall

A few reasons why your feline friend likes the smell of walls is because they like the smell of freshly painted walls, they like the smell of the drywall, and they like the smell of other cats.

Newly painted walls may have a distinct paint smell that your cat enjoys. If you have ever painted a wall or two in your home, you will know that the paint has a strong odor. This odor seems to stick around for a while too!

Although plain drywall does not have much of a smell, it has been reported that cats like the smell of it. Perhaps your kitty likes the subtle scent of what lay beneath the paint?

The second theory is that cats may be territorial just like some other animals. They may recognize the smells of other animals on the wall and want to mark it with their scent through licking.

They’re trying to get your attention for something else

why does my cat lick the wall

If your cat licks the wall as if they’re trying to get your attention, then there’s probably something they want you to do or give them.

It could be something as simple as a scratching post they want you to put down so they can use it, or it could be their food bowl they want filled.

They may also be trying to tell you that there’s something on the wall that needs to be cleaned. If you notice droppings or other traces of an animal on the wall, then this is probably what they’re trying to tell you.

Of course, it could also just be that they find the texture of the wall interesting and want to explore it. Maybe they just like how soft it is and want to explore that? Who doesn’t? A lot of cats are very curious animals and like exploring new things.

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