Why Does My Cat Smell Like Poop?

Sometimes your cat will do something that makes you wonder why she would choose to put her nose down and try to get away as quickly as possible. It can be anything from sneezing, looking at you with those big eyes, or even just going outside for a little while!

When this happens, it is important to note whether or not the dog was present. A lot of times, dogs who are exposed to different smells may leave some behind. This could include poopy diapers, their own feces, or maybe they had an accident in the house and were able to wash up somewhere.

If there was no sign of a dog around, then it’s time to consider whether or not your cat has ever heard any kind of strange sounds. Animals are very sensitive to sound, so if she’s never seen or heard anything like that before, it might be worth checking out.

It’s also important to remember how much activity your cat has been experiencing lately. If she seems more tired than normal and you think she may have had enough sleep, chances are she didn’t. Work demands often cause people to be too busy to keep close tabs on their pets, which means they don’t get the same amount of attention they need.

Something else to check into is whether or not your cat gets along with other animals.

They are eating their own poop

why does my cat smell like poop

If your cat is constantly smelling of poo, they may be eating it. While this can sometimes seem humorous to watch, it also poses some serious health problems for your cat.

If you notice your cat acting or looking sickly, it’s important to take them to see a veterinarian right away. Your doctor will likely run some tests to determine if your feline companion has food allergies or digestive issues.

It’s very common for cats to eat their feces when they’re young. This usually goes away around the second year, but unfortunately, some cats never fully outgrow the habit.

Sadly, this behavior can develop into more severe conditions like vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, and low blood glucose levels. These are all symptoms of an internal medical condition called hypoglycemia.

This isn’t something that every individual owner should worry about, but it can be tricky to identify until it’s too late. Fortunately, there are things owners can do to help prevent this from happening.

They are trying to get rid of their poop

why does my cat smell like poop

Sometimes, if your cat is going through an important stage in her life, she will try to tell you something by doing things. For example, as kittens, they need to learn how to use poo for natural cleaning. As cats age, however, that process sometimes gets a little bit out of control.

As humans, we understand that when dogs go outside, they have to make a trip to the bathroom. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true with cats!

Because cats don’t really drink water, they create a second system to help them survive – they “drink” through their mouth and digestive tract. This internal fluid helps keep them hydrated, but unfortunately it also acts as a solvent so anything liquid can mix with it.

When your cat goes to take a squatty-potty break, he may forget to add extra protection between his stomach and the feces before pushing it out. This could lead to a health problem known as fecal ingestion which happens when some of the stool is ingested or stuck in the throat.

This can cause vomiting, choking, or even death due to nutritional imbalance or food poisoning.

They are using the litter box correctly

why does my cat smell like poop

The main reason your cat does not like to use the toilet is because she does not know how to properly eliminate. Unfortunately, some cats were never trained that way!

If you have noticed that your kitty has stopped going outside or even trying to go in the bathroom, it may be time to look into why she is hiding her waste.

It could be due to poor potty training, health issues such as low blood sugar or kidney disease, or something else.

However, before you do anything other than give yourself a break and wait for your furry friend to teach herself, make sure the litterbox is the problem first. It can be difficult to determine whether this is the case so you will need to test the material the box is made of, the type of litter, and if there are any odor-producing chemicals in the area.

Also, try changing the types of coverings or designs the box has to see if this helps get rid of bad smells.

They need to go to the vet

If your cat is constantly smelling of poo, it could be due to any number of things. Fortunately, most things can be treated at home!

If you take your dog out for a walk every day and return to find him or her in the yard with lots of poop, chances are they will be back inside very soon. The same goes for if your cat gets up and there’s a lot of litter box activity.

Since cats don’t have a second stomach like dogs do, they must pass excess waste through their anal glands. These sometimes work along with their digestive system, emptying occasionally, and then other times needing stimulated to release more fluid and odor-containing chemicals. When this doesn’t happen, their bodies retain the liquid and scent until they feel relaxed enough to let it drain away.

When that happens less frequently than normal, his/her body keeps storing extra fluids and secreting additional odors. This may also cause them to hold onto some of the stool which eventually makes its way out when they relax or physically stimulate the process.

If your kitty seems unusually reluctant to use the bathroom or keep coming back time after time to check out the potty, it’s best to get them checked out by the doctor. Anal gland problems are typically not serious, but they can indicate underlying health issues.

They need to be evaluated by a veterinarian

why does my cat smell like poop

Your cat may smell like poo due to any number of things, but one of the most common causes is worms. Worms can live in your dog’s gut or under his skin, where they develop into larvae (young worms) or pupae (spider-like creatures).

If you notice a strong poop scent, take your dogs to the vet immediately. Even if the symptoms go away, it’s important to have them checked out as soon as possible. Veterinarians will conduct a complete physical exam, ask you about past health issues and treatments, and perform tests to determine whether parasites are present.

They need to be spayed or neutered

why does my cat smell like poop

Sometimes, if you look closely, you can find the source of your cat’s bad odor. A simple solution is to get them fixed!

Spaying and neutering are both good solutions for this problem. Spaying is the removal of their ovaries which cause menstruation and fertilization, while neutering removes the testicles which produce hormones that contribute to pooping.

Both procedures are done under general anesthesia so your pet will wake up after it is done. Most owners feel some relief once they go through the process of having their cats castrated.

Some people believe that there is a psychological reason why many female cats lose interest in mating and being pregnant. Others think that because male cats do not want to pass off their sperm as offspring, they have to use more bathroom facilities.

However, most veterinarians agree that the main reasons cats stop producing strong odors is due to lack of estrogen and/or testosterone.

They need to be screened for parasites

why does my cat smell like poop

There are several reasons why your cat may have bad smelling poop. Parasites such as worms or ticks can cause your feline friend to defecate with excess mucus or feces that contain bacteria, chemicals, and sometimes blood.

Some of these substances come from eating food containing those things, but some cannot. For example, many cats will eat grass or other plants and then pass what is known as flatulence (gas) through their digestive system. This often contains ketones which get mixed in when the body breaks down fat.

Since most housecats were bred for pleasure to watch, they will sometimes play by pulling up fecal matter and rolling it around like a ball. This is called “playing fetch” and unfortunately it does not always end well for them!

If your dog gets rid of its poo properly, then yours might too, but if you notice greenish-yellow diarrhea along with vomiting, this could be concerning. Luckily, there are ways to tell if this is an internal or external problem.

They need to be up to date with vaccines

why does my cat smell like poop

There are several reasons why your cat may smell like poo. Sometimes, especially in younger cats, their feces comes down as part of an eating disorder or habit that they have picked up.

This can sometimes lead to them not feeling hungry which then leads to them going longer without defecating. If this happens for long enough, they will eventually drop a few balls and then wonder what happened!

Dogs also get into the trash and take some of the leftover food, so it goes bad and you end up with a smelly dog and possibly a stinky new owner. This is very important to remember when letting dogs out!

Some cats are exposed to chemicals or fertilizers in the environment which stick to their coats. These chemical residues can make it through cleaning processes and seep into their under-coat hair. The more sensitive they are, the worse the odor becomes.

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