5 Best Online Journals to Get Your Psychology Dissertation Published

Online journals

Getting published is always a good thing for a writer. Establishing your authority in psychology comes with a lot of background work and commitment to contributing to this area of study. To excel on a number of things that you are facing difficulties in, seeking psychology dissertation help would be one of the ways out of your current situation. Your hard-found research can be put together and then published for other scholars like you to see. It is one of the ways to market your skills and grow as a writer while your works become part of the psychology literature being read around the world. To realize this, here are 5 best online journals to publish your psychology dissertation.

Online journals

  1. Addictive Behaviors

This is a global peer-reviewed journal entry platform where you can publish your psychology dissertation on addictive disorders and behaviors. The types of submissions accepted are full-length dissertation papers or short communications made on addictions to substances alongside other behavioral addictions touching on technology and gambling among other things. Primary publications focus on psychological and behavioral research but submissions can also be made on social policy, pharmacology, epidemiology, neuroscience, sociology and psychiatry.

 2.Behavior Therapy

Publications here are made six times per year. Its main focus is on the application of cognitive and behavioral sciences from conceptualization to the treatment of clinical issues in psychopathology. It is meant for professionals in mental health field including students from related areas of study. If you want to remain updated on such areas, this is where you need to be for submitting results from inventive empirical research. However, theoretical and methodological works can also be published.

3. Biological Psychology

Publish your original scientific papers touching on matters to do with biological matters of psychological states and procedures.  These biological matters encompass biochemical and electrophysiology evaluations done during psychological tests. They also include changes induced biologically in psychological functions. If this is your area of interest, you can submit your dissertation on psychological research founded on biological theories and all as psychological functioning aspects.

  1. TheJournal of Consumer Psychology 

Publishing empirical and theoretical research articles is what is primarily done in the Journal of Consumer Psychology (JCP).  All these works published here are made to enhance the understanding of consumer behavior and the psychology behind it. This journal platform is managed by the Society for Consumer Psychology organization.

  1. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory

This journal publishes works that assess the neurobiological mechanisms that define the memory and learning at the different analysis levels stemming from molecular biology. Other key interests include synaptic and neural plasticity and its connection to behavior. Special interest and focus are on neural circuits together with molecular mechanisms behind memory, learning and plasticity.

6. Final Thoughts

There are various places where you can publish your psychology dissertation online. With the many options available, it is important to point out where your dissertation is best suited and make your submission there. Make use of these journals to grow your career in this field.

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