7 Facts Only Rummy Playing Friends Can Tell You

Rummy friends

Every game teaches you something new and worth remembering. Indian rummy is really no exception. Even this game teaches the players many interesting things about games and about life. We hope to enlighten all the avid rummy fans with some of these facts and see whether they agree to our views:

Don’t Plan Sequences Based on Opponent’s Moves

To make a hand in a game of rummy, you need to have all cards that complete a sequence. A good rummy player knows he should never wait for the opponent to dispose of the necessary card for him. He should plan for alternate sequences so that you don’t have to wait for one card till the end of the game. Keeping options always gives you more chances to win.

If You Reveal Emotions, You Lose the Game

A good rummy player knows that in rummy card game, you should be able to hide your emotions. If your face reveals your cards, you are bound to lose the game. Even when you are waiting for just one card to complete the hand, your expression should be the same as in the beginning of the game.

Rummy friends

It Is Better to Quit Late Than Lose Later

Many players have the problem of not accepting quite on time that they have a losing hand. They cling on to a wrong hand in the hopes of winning and end up having a full hand. This is never advisable. When you know there are few chances of winning Indian Rummy, it is better to pass the game than losing miserably.

Anyone Can Win with Luck

This is another sad part of the game that if you have a very good hand, you may win the game even without using your grey matter. If you have all the cards to make up a sequence, winning is just a matter of arranging the cards in the right order.

Good Players Don’t Win Constantly but Lose Rarely

As luck does play a factor in winning a game of classic rummy, experts may not always win. Yet, there is a factor to distinguish experts from regular rummy players. They won’t actually wait to lose a game. They would rather pass a game when they know the chances are few. That is the reason their victories won’t be constant but their defeats are sure to be few.

Practice Is the Best Way to Improve Intuition

People often speak of using intuition to play rummy moves. An avid player knows better what the next move should be. This is the intuition one develops from practice. Create account in Khelplay Rummy and play regularly with strangers so that you are able to develop this intuition which counts much in winning a game.

Losing Helps You Learn What Mistakes Not to Make

Good players will tell you that losing is a part of the learning process. When you lose, you know what you should not do the next time you play rummy. You learn to strategize better. So, when you play rummy online and lose many times, count those as stepping stones. It will help you understand how to win the game next time.

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