A Quick Guide to MSc Course

Masters in Science or an MSc course is a step to excel in the fields of science, and excelling won’t ever let you regret. The country is presently haunting for employment and development, where the literacy and emerging fields are the critical foundation to serve the needs of an economically active population.

MSc is a degree of mastery course that one can pursue succeeding a bachelors degree and proceeding with the doctoral degree in the science field. Moreover, it basically accounts for the devotion of complete psyche into the depth of the subject.

Various Fields of MSc:

The masters can be pursued in various fields that widen its career opportunity.

  • Sc. in Physics
  • Sc. in Environmental Science
  • Sc. in Economics
  • Sc. in Biological Sciences
  • Sc. in Chemistry
  • Sc. in Mathematics
  • Sc. in Clinical Psychology
  • Sc. in Organisational Leadership
  • Sc. in Biotechnology
  • Sc. in Information Technology
  • Sc. in Atmospheric Science
  • Sc. in Electronics
  • Sc. in Meteorology
  • Sc. in Geology
  • Sc. in Zoology
  • Sc. in Botany

Working sectors

  1. Research: Research is a glittering milestone that is a gateway to new discoveries. Research Assistant is another opportunity where you can learn in initial stages.
  2. Teaching: After pursuing MSc course one can teach in any educational institution. The scope will never deteriorate for a teacher, as every generation needs guidance and facts to bloom perfectly.
  3. Aerospace and Defence: Scoring elated grades in MSc physics or MSc mathematics can help you to apply at organizations like ISRO, NASA and DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization)
  4. Other Private and Government Sectors: In various public and private sectors one could be appointed as Statistician, Field Officer, Junior Software Engineer, Lab Technician, and Manager or as a reputed field officer.

High-profile Organizations:

Being a brilliant scholar in MSc course you get an opportunity in some well-known organizations where the pay would be undoubtedly appreciable and your job profile will flare in the seventh sky. The organizations that recruit MSc postgraduates include GlaxoSmithKline, ONGC, Infosys, HDFC, ICICI, Cipla, Ranbaxy, GAIL, Oracle, Wipro, HCL, etc.

Eligibility for Pursuing MSc:

  • After a bachelors in science degree which you have to qualify with minimum of 55%.
  • Age limit is not applicable in science.

How to Get a Seat in MSc?

At many universities, the students have to clear an entrance exam to secure a seat while others might get it through good academic performance in bachelors.

Pay Scale:

You can make big money being an MSc course degree holder, average pay scale ranges in Rs.25k to Rs.35k per month. Moreover, the reputation of the university or a college, the placement they provide would add up the pay scale. For example, there are Universities that offer a great range of fields in MSc and have a good count of organizations for placement of merit scholars.

Factors including working field, size of company, sector, location and the most prioritize “experience” would add up to penny you earn in this field.

Overall any field can be excelled if your efforts are enough to strengthen your worth, and MSc provides you a wide scope with numerous opportunities to enhance your resume and career

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