Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale: 10 secrets to help you save BIG!

We all eagerly wait for that time of the year when Amazon releases the dates of Great Indian Festival. Now, that they have finally disclosed it, brace yourself shopaholics this time it's going to be much better, and much more significant. 

The sale will go live on 29th September 2019 and end on 4th October 2019. Prime members will get a 12-hour early access to the sale. For them, Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale 2019 will commence on 28th September at 12 PM.

Amazon Great Indian Festival is the best time to purchase items as the discounts and offers that you get during this sale is simply unmatched. Thus, here are some of the tips and tricks that would help you get that sweet deal which you are keeping an eye on. 

All About Amazon Great Indian Festival Tips and Tricks 

1. Watch the deals before they go live 

Amazon has provided the users and all the buyers with the option to ""watch"" deals and offers before they go live. In case any user finds a deal, which is interesting, and they desire to buy, they can click on the option that says, ""notify me."" This would mean that the buyer would get an alert when the offer goes live. 

2. Subscribe to Amazon Prime 

If you want that you get all the desired offers before anyone else, then you should subscribe to Amazon Prime. Subscribing to Amazon Prime membership would mean that the buyer would get hold on amazing deals. The membership would include early access to the sale and the delivery. These are the deals which are accessible only to prime users. With the help of prime membership, the user would get access to videos, music, and many more things. 

3. Download Amazon App on you Mobile Phones

It is always right to get the sale ready. This means that you can add or install Amazon App for faster access to the items you desire to buy. The app would help you to track better and ensure that you get those extra deals. 

4. Amazon Pay Balance: A good choice

Buying things with the help of Amazon pay is a blessing. The reason for that is Amazon pay ensures faster checkouts to the buyers. The buys can make the payment in one click. They do not require any OTP authentication or password. 

5. Make payment with the help of SBI debit/credit card

Amazon offers great deals to those buyers who are willing to make payment via SBI debit/credit card. The user gets an additional 10% discount on the purchase made via state bank of India during the sale. 

6. Take help from Amazon Assistant 

For the users who are shopping on their desktop or computers can take support for Amazon assistant. Amazon Assistant would allow you to get notifications on the deals that you desire to buy. 

7. Add your address and phone number beforehand

Adding the address as well as the phone number before you check out the item is a good idea. The reason is that by adding the necessary details, you tend to save up time and get a hold on the offers you are willing to take. 

8. Bookmark the page which provides the information about the sale

Being smart and working efficiently in this sale would lead you to the desired deal. The user can bookmark the pages that provide complete details about the sale. These are the pages that regularly update about the deals and offers from the moment they go live. 

9. Add the items in the wish-list 

If you desire a product, it can be possible that others would be thinking to buy it too. Thus, it is natural for that item to sell out. Therefore, to save yourself from the disappointment, the user can add the needs items to the wish-list.

10. Participate in Amazon Quiz to win rewards 

Amazon Prime day Quiz offers its buyers with a chance to win over Rs 9,999 Amazon pay balance. However, these types of content are app-based only. To be eligible for the quiz, all the user needs to do is download the app and log in to the account. A lucky draw of the quiz will be held across the entire contest period, and 20 luck participants would be emerged out as a winner. 

So go ahead and get ready for the amazing upcoming sale! Read more details about Amazon Great Indian Sale here >>>

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