Big Boss Tamil – Julie is going to be eliminated


Big Boss Tamil: For the past two days so many things happen in the big boss family. After Julie’s lie was come out everyone in the home was shocked about her behavior. Julie cannot accept her lie and try to convince everyone in the home. Oviya tries to change Julie but she ignores Oviya.

Big Boss Tamil - Julie is going to be eliminated

This week, Big Boss gives new tasks like Cycling and Big Boss interview to create coordination between the contestants. But still, Oviya and Aarav are targeted by everyone. When the reporter task happened Gayathri and Oviya interviewed everyone in the home. All share their opinions and clarify their doubts in the house. At last Gayathri interviewed Oviya and ask about her behavior in outside world and in Big Boss home. Oviya clearly explains everything and ask Gayathri to don’t believe on what you hear justify when you see the matter. So, the cold war between Gayathri and Oviya came to an end.

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Julie is going to be eliminated:

In today’s promo, Big Boss asked the family members to select one person whom you did not want to be the member of Big Boss Family. All are discussed and select Julie. So, Julie was expected to be eliminated from the show soon.

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Because of Julie’s behavior, everyone in the home selected Julie for the elimination. This is the happy news for the Oviya’s army. Aarav also expected to be eliminated from the family. By his sudden change of supporting Oviya the family members got disappointed and try to eliminate him from the Big Boss family. So, today the show has gone very interesting and never forget to watch the show. Keep Voting and save your favorite¬†contestant. Stay tuned for more updates about Big Boss.

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