Bigg Boss Tamil: Suja Varunee Separated from Bigg Boss House


Bigg Boss Tamil: In the week 11 of Bigg Boss Tamil, the nominees for the eviction are Suja Varunee, Ganesh Venkatram, Harish Kalyan, and Bindhu Madhavi. It is the confused week as whom to eliminate from Bigg Boss Tamil this week. Because all the contestants nominated in this week are seemed to be good in the Bigg Boss House.

In the past week, Bigg Boss made contestants friends and family to enter the house and it was the most emotional week of Bigg Boss Tamil. Snegan’s father met him after 18 years of separation, Vaiyapuri family, Suja Varunee family, Aarav family and Ganesh Venkatram’s wife Nisha all came to the Bigg Boss show this week as a guest. Also, the Kadhanayagan fame Vishnu Vishal and Catherine Teresa came to the Bigg Boss House for promotion.

Suja Varunee eliminated

On Saturday episode, Kamal Hassan told the housemates those who think that they can’t compete with the other housemates can move out from the house via the outside door. But none of the contestants move out and they said they are sure to win the Bigg Boss title. Kamal Hassan asked the contestants opinion about who will be saved. Bindhu Madhavi and Harish Kalyan said Ganesh Venkatram will be saved and Suja Varunee tells herself will be saved. Finally, Kamal Hassan said Ganesh Venkatram was saved from eviction.

In the coming up promo, Kamal Hassan said two weeks for Harathi, Sakthi and Julie was over and asked them to come out of the Bigg Boss show. In today’s promo of Bigg Boss Tamil, Kamal Hassan asked Suja Varunee to come out and others were asked to be in the freeze. She went to everyone and said her wishes. But it is rumored that Suja Varunee was eliminated this week in Bigg Boss Tamil and as per her wish she will be again to the house as a guest.

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