Bigg Boss Tamil 2: Season 1 Contestants Harathi, Vaiyapuri, Gayathri, Suja Varunee Visits BB House Today

Bigg Boss Tamil 2

Bigg Boss Tamil 2: Last week Sendrayan was eliminated from the Bigg Boss house. It was mostly predicted that Aishwarya Dutta will be eliminated that week. But unfortunately, the result was turned to Sendrayan and he came out of Bigg Boss house.

Aishwarya felt bad for Sendrayan as he was eliminated. She remembered the previous weekdays as they have cut the hairs, done hair colouring etc., and enjoyed the days inside the house. Other housemates also felt the same.

Bigg Boss Tamil 2

Recently actress Vijayalakshmi entered the Bigg Boss house as the wild card contestant. She has asked the contestants many questions face to face. It was disliked by the housemates. Thereafter the fight arose. People in the Bigg Boss house mainly target Aishwarya Dutta.

In today’s promo of Bigg Boss Tamil season 2, the contestants of season 1 Harathi, Gayathri, Suja Varunee and Vaiyapuri has visited the house. It was only a few days left for the final. Vaiyapuri hugged Bhalajie. And the housemates are having a good conversation with them. Hope they will change the mindset of the current housemates and make them sacrifice among them.

It is predicted that mostly Aishwarya or Mumtaj will be eliminated from the house this week. For this week nomination, the housemates Mumtaj, Bhalajie, Janani and Aishwarya will be selected. Let us wait and see what is next in the Bigg Boss house.

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