Bigg Boss Tamil – Bindu Madhavi questions Gayathri on Bharani’s episode

Bigg Boss Tamil - Bindu Madhavi questions Gayathri on Bharani's episode

Bigg Boss Tamil had a new entry in between the show on this sixth-week. On 30th July, Bindu Madhavi entered the Bigg Boss house as a new contestant who already knows about the fan base for Oviya outside and also the image of villainous in the show was as Gayathri. She took a time to know the inmates as well on her first day.

The second day of her Bigg Boss will show tonight with the issue on Bharani. Vijay Television has released the latest promo teaser, Bindu Madhavi is seen raking up Bharani’s issue with Gayathri. In the episode of Bharani’s issue, inmates had cornered and frustrated him and also he attempted to jump out from the house. While Bigg Boss stopped him and evicted formally because he tries to break a basic rule of the show.

Bigg Boss Tamil - Bindu Madhavi questions Gayathri on Bharani's episode

As mentioned before, the new contestant Bindhu Madhavi is telling Gayathri that nobody from the house was stopped him while he trying to escape from the house. In the latest promo which released by the Star Vijay, she said: “He tried to go because all of you tried to corner him.” Also, she knows that Gayathri was the leader of the house during that period, she says “Then you should have come and stopped him.”

On the current scenario of the show, all the inmates are looks like to cornering Oviya. Because of the new inmate, the audience expecting that Oviya will get some normal days with the support of Bindu.

After all the previous issues, even though Kamal Haasan’s frequent weekend advises. The Bigg Boss inmates have continued to dislike Oviya. A new incident happened against Oviya on this weekend because of the task which was given by Kamal Haasan. All the inmate are apparently not happy because Oviya revealed some personal information of Raiza in front of Kamal Haasan.

As per the episode of Monday, Gayathri, Julie, and Raiza are now cornering Oviya with the help of other inmates. So, Oviya nominated again in this week along with Julie and Vayapuri. While it is sad about Aarav’s loyalty change against Oviya again in this week. But, fans are ready to save Oviya again in this week. It is expected that Julie will be evicted from the house in this weekend if Bigg Boss followed the fans vote as loyal.

The second promo has also released by the television which contains about the task of the day. All the inmates are acting as mental disorder patients and Vaiyapuri as a doctor.

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